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Returning Player, Curious about prices

Hey there! I'm returning from 2013, and I have a buttload of event fashion from 2013, I'm just curious about the prices on this server. I've got:
Garlands (Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Orange, Green)
Crowns (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Pink, Blue)
Diadems (Dawn Revellers, Winter Adventurers, Yule Lords, Yule Revellers, Yule Queens, Yule Magisters, Dawn Scholars, Dawn Courtiers)
Red and Yellow Stalker Masks
Red Hunter Sets
Frostguard pieces (Pink set, Snowbound turquoise legs, purple legs, red legs)
Bear Hats
Candy Canes
Flutes & Lutes
Server- Sulis
Clan- Transcendant (Clansman)
Gemwing-Level 140+r
Aodhan- Level 55+ Mage


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