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Hi im Shivah the dude tht stands by auction talking all day u may hav seen me u may hav not if u havent then nice to meet u.
Instead of standing at castle for hours shouting what im buying i thought this could be another way to interact.
so heres what im buying:
+4 +5 firebolt firestorm rings
+5 fire attune ring
fire mage bracers x2 same or seperate
full 90 -130 shrivewood set or even in pieces
lv 150 shield not the ravage one i think it was bastion?
aggy grimoire of flame
mounts and wings (perferably wings)
blue mask of lugh

Heres what im selling:
heroic knowledge elixirs
shalemont lux shield (the new shield of crown)
Shalemont speed boots (the weird named one)

Thats it from me have a good day and cya

p.s. can 2015 players from android server fingal hit me up :)
ign: Shivah
Blzzrd 180+ Rogue

Retired from Sulis

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