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Legacyte buy n sell UPDATED part 4

Bardings ( 50k ea)

Effect bardings (175k ea)

Tree charm ( 75k )

Spirited red nithsteed mask ( 150k )

Radiant aoen bagpipes ( 80k )

( red blazing pheonix crest ( 138k)

Frozen aeon flute ( 60k )

odd fashion pieces

Highlander 3 colors sets ( 90k each )

Stargem vit/ dex set (5m)

Green hunter aoen top (100k)

Supperior sword ( 65k )

Candy cane red ( 25k )

Godly banshee ( 125k )

Lvl 180 shield with regen ( 450k )

Black pheonix crest ( 95k )

Tower people radiant charm ( 100k )

A blog charm basic aoen ( 35k )

Lot of boggan charms ( 50k eea)




Skain or gara set

Chests 25k ea :D (#bringchestprices⬇️)

Hunter ammy 190

Pm me in game Legacyte
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Re: Legacyte buy n sell UPDATED pt2

I'll buy the necro too :) I'm not even from your server XD, but I'll find a way to xfer :0
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