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Free the tree charms!

Hey all,

Im xWreckie and a Druid by heart. Not sure if its a druid thing but my main colour is and always will be green.

As all players, I started my journey without fashion. And to this day, I dont really care about what colour pants with or without sparkles is a hot item.

Ive played a good deal in my lower druid life wearing a green charm of those pointy hat wizards types (forgot the name), and all was good.. UNTILL..

I met someone wearing a tree charm. It was then and there I fell in love with those charms! And when I got the chance to liberate my very first tree out of someones deep and dark pockets, I did it immediately! It was this point I started collecting them, wearing them, treasuring them! Unlike so many others who keep the trees hidden away from the open air, hidden away from the sun in the world of Celtic Heroes (Not talking about Shalemont Ravine, always raining there).

Anyways, to this point I have found 6 trees I can call my own:
- Summerleaf Dryad
- Winterleaf Dryad
- Springleaf Dryad
- Radiant Autumnleaf Dryad
- Oakheart Sentinal
- Morcas Dryad

When I thought Ive seem em all, I got notified there were many more! Again stuffed away deep in the darkest corners of people only wearing sparkling new non tree fashion!

Give the trees a chance of a better life! I am open for donations and/or offers! Till this point, as a referance, most non radiant trees I have purchased between 50k and 100k, the radiant one I paid 125k for. I am telling this because I was offered to liberate a non radiant tree for 250k. With those prices I wont have enough gold left to water my trees, so please, only fair offers.

Look deep into your hearts! Give nature a chance to be seen!

Kind regards,

Edit: The information is incorrect: I purchased the radiant Autumnleaf and Winterleaf together for less then 200k (xfer deal pakkage), gotta stay honest :)
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xWreckie (Druid) xWreckiie (Mage)

"It's not perfection, it's just me"

Re: Free the tree charms!

Well thank you, then my post has some effect atleast :)

Its a shame you are not on my server, but something good can come from this still:

Wear your tree now and then, give the trees some love, after all, they produce the air we need to climb the tower!

For more information please refer to:

(That is not an actuall website, but I learned placing a website link makes it look more important)
xWreckie (Druid) xWreckiie (Mage)

"It's not perfection, it's just me"

Re: Free the tree charms!

Hey hey Mindreader! Nice to see you here on the day I posted my first post, its like.. wait for it.. you red my mind! Ba dum tsss...

And yes, please spread the tree charm love, sparkling pants are overrated anyway! We just need to get back to our roots (ba dum tsss) and let the trees come out!
xWreckie (Druid) xWreckiie (Mage)

"It's not perfection, it's just me"

Re: Free the tree charms!

Athelas! Glad to see you kept word :) Nice Summerleaf Tree charm!

And yes, Nature Magic on a tree makes sense, but casting Shield of Bark.. now thats a homerum!

Anyways, back to the case: I know the name of at least 1 tree I still dont own: Quicktorn.

I assume there are more around (+non radiant and radiant versions of the ones I already liberated) so feel free to still let me know any new names, and if you have new trees ready to be liberated wheter it be by donation or sales.
xWreckie (Druid) xWreckiie (Mage)

"It's not perfection, it's just me"

Re: Free the tree charms!

I am currently open to offers for any Radiant tree charms, even if I already liberated them.

I found a Radiant Oakheart Sentinal, who is willing to change from his own forest to my forest, as long as his forest still has a Radiant Tree in it.

Any help will be much appreceited :)
xWreckie (Druid) xWreckiie (Mage)

"It's not perfection, it's just me"

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