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SO this is what I deserve for having a dead mother? I get harassed by MrDredd saying "Go SUCK daddy's *** since mommy's not around" With screenshotd...

Re: harassment

Stop lieing and causing drama and go back to your old sever ty.
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Re: harassment

I'm sorry to hear that, especially about your mom, I think she was better off that way, she shouldn't have to see her son/daughter harrasing people and to start causing drama.

Re: harassment

You guys are pathetic and i hope muldar deletes this whole post.
Don't bring real life into what's supposed to be a game - and no one here needs to see your drama or poor attitudes.

Be adults, sort it out, or report in game support.

Re: harassment

First step is to block them, then block anybody who repeats what they say, then block those that tell you "hey did you hear what _____ said?". Then if you still feel harassed contact otm. But i dont think they will do much til the block feature has been utilized.

Re: harassment

To clear this up, this kid, obviously hiding behind an alt, went out of his way to seek out MrDredd and start trolling looking for a reaction. It's now obvious that he did this simply so he could post it on the forum. A cynic would say his own account got banned recently so he's trying to get others banned too. How you can seek someone out deliberately to cause trouble and then run to the forum crying is quite frankly pathetic.

Anyway, grow the hell up and play the game, it is a good game which is wasted by spending your time trolling in the castle.
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