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A new side to Lugh

Long ago Alliance clan was a large clan of friends. A clan of friends that worked hard to help one another, and to provide ourselves an enjoyable experience. After some time we felt our effort was taken advantage of by less active players and decided to take a dominant stance on the server. Some time down the road I realized that the game has become a job, a chore, something that I was obligated to log into and play. It wasn't fun and I left the game for several months hoping to return to something more pleasant.

I came back a short time ago. Things changed for the worse. The bond we had with each other was gone, players logged only to kill a boss without even uttering a word, and random players were recruited just to help keep Gelebron down. Understandable, but not the clan I enjoyed being a part of, so I left. Not as crazy as it seems as players are interested in our position, or can relate to the issues I had with the way Alliance was handling their clan. Many players are quitting or transferring to other worlds to get away. People are interested in seeing change on Lugh.

I rejoined my clan called Supreme. We aren't interested arguing with other clans. We aren't interested in lock battling other clans. We aren't interested in killing off other clans. We hope to play as Alliance started, a clan of friends who will work hard in helping one another, and to actually enjoy playing the game instead of slaving the camping stations. The only way for us to achieve this is to play as Lugh once was: The open world of clan co-operation and drop dicing.

Our clan will be one that hopes to co-operate with other clans. We'll be inclusive to fighting alongside anyone who is eligible, although our clan is one we would like to keep tighter with people who are like-minded and friendly. If clans wish to exclude us so be it, we'll walk along our own paths.

These few rules will outline our eligibility:


  • We expect for players to be respectful of eachother.
    I've had enough of the shout arguments and the bickering. We shouldn't tolerate such childish behaviour on a video game. Banter is fine but claiming players are part of Isis, well that's just not okay.

  • We expect players to put in their best effort.
    There's nothing worse than a player afking a boss while expected to clear adds, or players choosing not to lix when expected. We're working to kill bosses smoothly and in a timely manner so we can finish with less headache, and less wasted resources. It's only fair to put in your best effort when coming to a boss battle. This also means that each player is to perform their specified role according to the plan required for the specific encounter.

  • We expect players to agree with our dicing mechanics for multi-clan boss battles.
    We will try a different way of dicing at bosses. We learned the hard way that class-restricted dicing spoiled our gameplay in Alliance and that led us to the dominance decision. What we learned is that if a large clan of 35 people is killing a boss with 1 outsider, that clan sure as hell deserves a higher chance at getting the drops than that one player. Class restricted rolls contradicted this.

    For example:

    35 ABC clan members killing Necro - 1 mage
    1 solo player wishes to join - 1 mage

    Imperial mage ring drops. Well basic math shows that even though the big clan definitely deserved the drop more than that little solo player, they both have a 50% chance of winning the drop. This was a common scenario in Alliance boss kills, and this lead to the great frustration. If we removed restrictions, or in other words had every player roll for ever drop(if they want to), then the big clan would have a 35x higher chance of winning the drop than the mage. This gives the solo player a chance of winning a drop, but encourages him to make/join a clan if he wants to get a better shot at winning things. This is fair simply because of the numbers, 35 toons = 35 rolls, 1 toon= 1 roll. Think I beat this one dead.

  • Level Limit
    In order for bosses to be downed quickly and smoothly players need to be close to, or above the boss' level. We will require dps classes to be at a maximum of 5 levels below a boss as anything past this really destroys your damage dealing capabilities on a boss and you'll be doing little to nothing. For druids we will be a bit more lenient at a 10 level maximum. Although druids can be quite effective at just 150, we would like players to be in a realistic range of the boss so that they are more experienced with playing in that area, and so that they can actually make use of whatever they get.

  • Gear requirements
    We expect that players have a full set of armour, weapons, and jewellery if planning on attending a boss fight. There is no reason to be so unprepared as to not even have the appropriate gear to perform. This can also include the requirement of a set bonus for certain bosses(i.e full dl for necro)

Besides this we want to establish a clear cut lates policy. When do we determine a players contributions are no longer necessary to the fight, and the player is therefore ineligible for dicing?

Our participation policy:

  • On lock for small bosses
    This helps prevent underprepared groups from rushing a boss to try and ensure others cannot dice. Unfortunately an all to real scenario.

  • At 10% in on event bosses.
    This is because event bosses generally take a damn long time to kill, but also take a damn long time to lock, and are usually very easy to tank and spank allowing for a low dps/unprepared group to rush the lock. To us this figure seems fair, but as everything goes in this server, is open to discussion.

  • On start for raids.
    This is simply because raids require preparation and co-ordination, and once the boss starts the raid and roles are figured out and other players are no longer necessary to begin the encounter.
We believe this lates policy allows for a small window of time for players "OOC' of a large clan to join a boss fight, but also rewards those players who camp as their clan would have their position established in the encounter.

Some players I've spoken to have brought up a few concerns.

  • Inactive players winning drops was a common one.
    While this may seem an issue to players who play day in and day out, it's really not as big as a problem as it seems. If a player logs in twice a week just to kill Mordy he would be considered inactive by many players. But maybe he's only interested in winning Mordy drops for the time being. Sure this drop would be more "useful" to the entire server if it was put on someone who was a machine at camping and killing bosses, but every half decent player who enjoys the game should have their shot at the fun and the loot. Everyone here is a living human being with responsibilities, and sometimes life comes up and it comes before any video game. Most people in the game have had their spurts of (in)activity so we should be a bit more understanding of this situation.
    Besides, the math would show that even in the case where a person logs on once a month to kill a boss they are extremely unlikely to win a drop, and it is so very improbable for that drop to be anything amazing either. You've all been killing mordy for a long time now, how many void helmets have you seen drop? Are you really worried that a someone is by chance going to log in on that specific day that a void helm drops, and have the luck to roll 100 and take it home? The chance of even seeing a good drop is abysmal, forget the planets aligning for the fateful void helm ending up on a player who logs on once a month.

  • What would a boss fight look like?
    We'll use Mordris as an example.

    Clan 1 has 25 people
    Clan 2 has 5 people
    clan 3 has 2 people

    These clans and their members are all eligible according to the basic outlines above and Mordris is killed.
    The drops are passed to a trustworthy person, a "DM" who will name all drops and then dice them from best to worst(quickly this time please :) ). Godly/helmet drop first, mighty/ring garbage last.
    Clan 1 takes home 3 drops and Clan 3 takes home the fourth drop.
    Now what?
    These clans can now decide whether they want to bank these drops, distribute them through dicing again, or whatever the hell they want to do. That's clan business and is of no importance to anyone outside of that clan(other than attracting new recruits).

  • You might also ask, what's in it for me, the "elite clan"?
    Well, the perks of having a large clan in a dicing system would mean your clan would have the highest chance of taking home drops. As stated above; with no class restrictions on items more players = more rolls. You would also have the help of others to kill bosses faster in terms of both kill time and spawn time. Smaller clans will have a smaller chance of winning, but each roll is individual, and each player has the chance to roll a high number. Less contribution = less reward, in terms of clans of course. A fair concept.

  • This leads to the next part, "what do we do about the people with 37 devices?"
    We would like to cap these rolls at 2 maximum(A main and an alt) as it is pretty realistic to assume that 2 characters is the maximum at which a person can play OPTIMALLY. This may be a bit controversial however note that with bringing 3 classes to a fight you've got to have at least one dps class in there, and we are very rarely so short on dps to the point we need that extra person. May be harsh for some people I know, but it's realistic, and extra alts to "leech drops/rolls" was a major issue in the past and we'd like to keep that away.

  • "What happens when a player breaks the rules?"
    This would be determined on a case-by-case basis, however would normally mean the player is ineligible to participate at that boss battle.

    Two examples:
    Being undergeared or underlevelled would mean you are welcome to return once appropriate.
    Consistent slacking and lack of co-operation will not be tolerated and would net a player a longer "sentence" so to speak.

Dicing will allow clans to co-exist. It will allow players to play with and help whomever they wish. It will allow players to choose which clan they would like to belong to without the pressure of winning loot to push them away. Finally, it would ensure that bosses are killed frequently and all players can enjoy the gameplay CH has to offer, without having to sit around and wait/watch the big clan to do everything.
Our clan wishes to play Lugh like we used to. If you wish to join us, whether in our clan or in our journey in another clan we welcome you, but if you wish to do you own thing that's alright too.

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123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

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Re: A new side to Lugh

As a clan, and as the remnants of the "open" server, this is how we are going to play the game as of now. This is the alternative to a dominant clan. These are the rules we are hoping will be accepted universally on this world and will be used by solo players, friends, and clans. Perhaps not in this instant, but in the future. If you are willing to play with us, to co-operate, you are more than welcome to so long as you can agree to live by these basic ideas. We hope that this will become standard practice.

I'll provide some further clarification as this "idea" is quite radical to some people.

  • Why would we roll for drops?
    Simple. We cannot have 4 clan come together to kill a boss and then distribute them in any other way. Rolling drops is the only way to make this a possibility.

  • How does rolling work?
    At the end of a boss all drops will be listed and diced for in order from best to worst. Each and every character who meets the eligibility outlined above will have one roll. Said player can then choose to roll for the drop and if they roll high enough to win it belongs to them.

  • I won a drop, what now?
    Congratulations. Now it's up to you and your clan to decide how you wish to distribute this item between yourselves. This is a clan matter and I, nor anyone outside of that clan should have any say on what happens then. If you are unhappy with how these drops are distributed in your clan, perhaps it would be time to join a new clan.

  • X person wins all the drops, why?
    We would hope that players are looking out for their as well as their clan's best interests and nothing else. This would mean that we would hope that players only roll for a drop they can see themself, or their clanmates needing/using. This is commonly referred to as need before greed. Although not a requirement, we are hoping that players will keep this in mind to ensure enjoyable gameplay.

Once again we are trying to provide a meaningful solution for the players who are left without a clan, or without enjoyable gameplay. These aren't the rules or goals of Supreme clan in specific, but for each and every player on Lugh who wishes to play in such a way. Our goal isn't to bring anybody or any clan down. Our goal is simply to organize ourselves and to make the game fun again.
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123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

1234567 wrote: Hrung ring+mordy spear > necro ring+edl dagger. Furyion


Re: A new side to Lugh

As a current Supreme member, I can vouch for all of this and I agree with every point stated. Big ole +1
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Re: A new side to Lugh

I'm curious to see how this plays out, Lughs last attempt at something like this was through the clan Phalanx but that unfortunately failed and resulted in even more people xfering/going inactive. It all depends on whether or not the members of Alliance will finally open their eyes and see what the true problem is and why everyone is leaving.

It comes down to two things for Alliance:
1. Keep things the way they are now and still continue to run a power house for the better of yourselves (greed)
2. Change and join Vulture for the better of the server

I'm gonna have to say it again, gl vulture and clan Supreme, you'll need it
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