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I'm back!

And ready to *removed*
The rest of you, have a good day.
lvl 191 rogue full dl armour
lvl 110 ranger lost and naked in the woods i guess :/
Lvl 120 druid
on lugh

Re: I'm back!

A Big Welcome Back
We will see you soon :lol:
Warrior 230
Druid 217
Rogue 194
Mage 187

Re: I'm back!

Who are you in game?
Clan: Alliance
Server: Lugh

Axon, 226 Rogue
DollaBeez, 217 Druid
CecilKain, 220 Warrior
Strago, 220 Ranger
Golbez, 183 Mage

Re: I'm back!

Eritand, lvl 224 ranger
Datire, lvl 220 rogue
Eriwarrior, lvl 220
Some nub named mage, lvl 175

Re: I'm back!

Sorry for the first post. That were just my first thoughts, reading ur post.

Welcome back! Cant wait to see you, "doing wheelies some Alliance scum"

Re: I'm back!

Lolol, welkom terug man.
Perkamentus, lv 230 Full Doch Gul Ice Mage
Avanor, lv 220 Rogue
Silvos, lv 191 Ranger

Retired Chieftain now Clansman of Pegasus, Lugh.

Re: I'm back!

Keep the fighting for in-game please.
Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

Re: I'm back!

Wb dem :)
World : Lugh
Clan: Pegasus
Istael : druid lvl 221
Zeto : rogue lvl 223
Istalrì : mage lvl 213

World: Sulis
Clan: Retribution
Guppy: warrior lvl 220
Hotu: ranger lvl 220
Ryujin: mage lvl 220
Istael: druid lvl 220
Xisuthros: warrior lvl 220

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