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Off from ch for awhile

Hey guys, im Rayrecarnation. Some of u may have seen me before, some may havent but im a 124 druid. Ill be taking some time of ch cause of a stupid problem thats happening in real life. Basically my mom found out i was going steady with a girl and she raged (u know how all asian parents freak out when their kids are dating someone...) and she started yelling at me for like a few hours or smt like that. Then some crap went down and in the end my phone got confiscated by her and i have no idea when i can have it back so i can resume playing celtic. Could be a few days, months years (Omg dont let it be that long 0.0) So hopefully she wouldnt find celtic on my phone (cause apparently im not allowed games on my phone :/) i would be completely screwed so hope u guys keep enjoying urselves in game and ill probs cya in a few days or smt

This is a message to all hobbs/FA who read this posts:
I cant use kik either (cause obviously my kik is on my phone...) so it will be pointless for u to try contact me or smt like that

Re: Off from ch for awhile

Take care ray :( I hope you will have it back soon
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