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Re: Lugh:Alliance Theme Song

So very cringey
Epona - Enigma
Tobiuslowe - Ranger

lvl 156 ranger - yoshi1
lvl 165 mage - yoshixmage
lvl 220 rogue - tobiuslowe
lvl 116 druid - yoshixdruid
lvl 120 warrior - yoshi
lvl 113 rogue - yoshixrogue - Long Retired

Re: Lugh:Alliance Theme Song

This is great :lol:
#NerfMages #AvoidBalance #WhyPlayARogue #MeatShieldOnly #HealingSlavesOnly

OP dps warrior on Belenus, hot af melee druid on Nuada. #Elementals #Apex

Re: Lugh:Alliance Theme Song

Voldemort wrote:I've had to delete some negative posts on here. I urge you to re-read the forum rules.


You know this is gonna bring negativity just delete the post...

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