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Re: Lugh 2016

paggasquid wrote:
Mysteryman wrote:
Neero. wrote:
So according to misteryman aka I know nothing about Ch and Lugh, you 8, are one of those old player that suck since you are still active but can"t win against us? :mrgreen:

Yup, you can't even spell my forum name right. You talk a tough game for just being a couple of pixels. All you guys do is use bullying and deception to get what you want. These kinds of things would get you into trouble in real life, but hey you're the tough guy behind the keyboard lol. Why don't you stop picking on everyone else and actually be respectful for once?

Are you lost? Go look for the rants forum.

We all know and realize mysteryman is a troll feeding it is never a good idea. That being said I just feed it some more and shall now go back to ignoring said player.

Re: Lugh 2016

I was right from the start about all of the generals and chief of Alliance. I had them all figured out since I met them that they were the kind to stab you in the back the minute they could. Guess who was right all along? The troll. ;) Take it for how you want. I have a long history with Lugh and can say I earned my reputation as an honest and good-hearted player. Sometimes I'm outspoken but only because I care. I was the good guy all along and am still the good guy. Since 2012 I have met many good people who have helped me along the way. I return the favor to help any and every whenever I can. I don't deny participation from others or make anyone else's playing experience a living nightmare. Alliance and their corrupted and disgusting ways have caused many long time honest players to quit. It's truly a shame.

Back in 2012 everyone worked together and got along despite any differences. Everyone had a heart of some kind. Fast forward to the present and you're plagued with manipulation, greed, and many other bad things. The greed starts with the leaders and works down to the bottom. Maybe this explains why the chief and generals get the best gear? hmmm using the clan for personal gain? true evil. :twisted:

my suggestion to anyone who joins lugh. choose your clan wisely. contact me if you need any assistance.

Re: Lugh 2016

Go ask some old berserkers. Most of THEM quit because of the stupid dice system. Everything has it pros and cons.

On the contrary, if you care so much. Why aren't you helping your so called friends and just hang around in castle with a level that's not going to help anyone.

Re: Lugh 2016

Hey Voldemort how about you log into our server and see how it really is. Especially with x calling us Nazis but that's okay for her to do that right, makes sense right? What's funny is Alliance is actually growing now that people see everyone's true colors. X constantly cusses at us for killing a boss but she continues to be allowed to play with no warnings or anything. If we are so bad why are people leaving her clan and other clans and joining us? It's simple real players see Alliance as people who spend a lot of their time camping bosses and working together, they have no clue how much we have tried to make it work. So we should let them roll on drops that on bosses that they spend no time on, na I don't think so. We send constant screenshots of x's dirty mouth but she continues to play. Please explain how that is even possible, I know if I was a designer for this game or somebody important I would have been logging everyday to see what all this fuss is about to find out the real truth. X calling us rascist things is okay though, I guess this is the game we play and we have to deal with it. No again I say we do not have to be prisoners in a virtual world to a bully like her. Please admin come into Lugh and find out the real problem, I have been playing for years and have never seen anything like it. We spend our hard earned money and our precious time to camp bosses and kill them. As I have seen other worlds have clans that fight for lock battle but it seems our world somehow can't do that because of one Virus of a person. So please take in what I said thoroughly and really appreciate us as players, we work hard and work well together. Thank you for your time, also I'm in Alliance and I talk to anybody I want. Regardless of clan, we are people not just video game characters and people tend to forget that. We have real lives, real emotions, real fears, and sometimes people forget that and lash out without knowing what is going on with them. Just please take a couple weeks in Lugh and see how it really is.

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