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Re: New to Lugh!

The past is in the past, i prefer to leave it there and deal with the now.

Alliance are, yes, the top clan on the server. Yes they are dominant choosing to refuse all other clans and players they deem unworthy. They are a clan intent on gearing their own clan to the best of their abilities. But they also have the intention of not letting others outside the clan improve themselves. Griefing and attacks on people have been an issue over the past few months. Not just from this clan but from players attacking this clan. Alliance are a friendly clan, but many choose to hate them for changing the inclusive nature lugh was.

The rest of the clans comprimise the Lugh resistance.

Ancients are the oldest clan on the server, kind hearted players are within the clan, they tend to be helpful when you ask and are willing to gear anyone who asks, provided not in alliance.

Independent is a clan whose sole intention was to unite Lugh against Alliance, but due to everyones needs and wants, did not completely achieve this goal, it is full of players who will help and a select few who might not.

TheHobbnobbers another older clan, no where near as old as Ancients but old none the less. This clan is based upon unity and friendship. If you are looking to play the game and further yourself this may not be the clan for you.

Syndicate started around the same time as hobs, theyre both good clans. Although syndicate had a few run ins with bannings and abuse. This clan has come a long way since then, they are a friendly clan, who intend to be end game worthy. They help lower levels as well as the higher from every clan, besides alliance.

Justice a clan with a sole intention of destroying alliance, it consists of a few people, 8 being the most active, who actively campaigns against Alliance. Otherwise 8 is a great tank and is willing to log at almost any time throughout the day to help Lugh in its struggle against alliance.

Then theres little old ascension. A clan who attempted to be neutral, failing in that we are Lugh based, but are less aggressive towards alliance, it is a game of course, its a clan of 2 people, tobi/yoshi and myself. We are endgame rogues who are willing to help those who ask. We do not hold grudges nor do we grief. We try to stay out of the conflict where we can, but sometimes it cannot be helped when someone steps over the line.

Thats the general run down of the clans.

Each side has separate systems:
The alliance system is based upon a voting system. A drop isnt given to a player immediately, the drop is banked then voted upon as a sort of democracy, they decide who would best benefit of that drop, and who would be of best use with it too. They take into account your activity, level, fights attended and build to truely determine who would be of best use. Also with quest armours they have a system where they gear players one by one, rather than free for all.

The Lugh system is an inclusive system based around the dice. Each drop after a fight in most cases is rolled upon by those that can use, i.e. Rogues roll for rogue drops, casters for caster drops and everyone for no class drops. The highest roll wins. This happens throughout the majority of the game. Any raid boss will be rolled if Lugh gets the kills. There are a vast amount of rules behind this system and its difficult to summarise over all. Although it is a slower system to gear players its hinged around players helping each other rather than greed. This system also allows players to sell drops which furthers our economy whereas alliances system any spare drop gets banked.

Each side has ups and downs, each side has its good and bad people. Its not for the sides to make your decision for you but please think about it before throwing yourself into the deep end.

And welcome to Lugh
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