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Does Ricktor still play?

First of all hi, it's been a while.
For those who don't know I was an old player from 2011 called Stefball.

I'm not coming back but I would like to know if anyone has seen Ricktor lately on Lugh or another world.

Also I wanna talk to some of my old friends (I see a lot of you play clash). Someone pls change the trophie limit to like 2000 or something lol
Until we meet again...

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Re: Does Ricktor still play?

Hi, Stefball.
Its been a few months since last time I saw Ricktor randomly drop in for some shouts in the castle. Havent seen him actually playing for ages. Then again I am not among the most active players in Lugh;-)
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Re: Does Ricktor still play?

Hey, good news!
I actually saw him 2 days ago. He was drunk, of course, but it was still good to have a 'conversation' with him. :lol:

He mentioned he had been playin on a different server, but didn't mention which...

Of course, that could be a load of hockey, since he wasn't in his right mind. :D
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