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Selling Rare Mounts, Fashion ETC

Hey all, just a few tidbits I'm selling :D
Please PM me for price discussion, or mail me in game at "Tablesalt"

The format is (Event) (Speed) (Level Requirement)

Ascendant Arctic Wings (Yule 2014) (85%) (125)

Ascendant Archfiend Wings (Samhain 2015) (85%) (150)

Ironclad Shadowsteed of Oblivion (Samhain 2015) (90%) (None)


Golden Blade of Ice

Totem of the Undefeated

Focus of the Mystic

All items are sets. For individual item requests, please PM me. On some sets the head slot is different from the set. If this is the case, I will put what it is in parentheses next to the set name

Red Wyldwood
Red Glenmor (Red 2013 crown / Red archfiend guise)
Red Sanghal
Red Lanrik
Red Darkrider

Orange Sanghal
Orange Darkrider

Yellow Sanghal
Yellow Darkrider

Pink Darkrider

Green Wyldwood (No hat)
Green Darkrider (Green Stalkers Mask / Green Duskcrow Guise)
Green Glenmor (Green 2013 crown / Green glenmor crest)

Blue Sanghal

Turquoise Sanghal
Turquoise Darkrider

Purple Darkrider
Purple Blooddust Darkrider

Black sunlit
Black Darkrider
Black Sanghal

Thanks all!
Tablesalt - Lugh - Mage
Seasalt - Lugh - Ranger

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