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Hi I'm New!!!

hey guys I just wanted to inform you that I am joining lugh. I've had a good Celtic heroes history and I have left my lvl 160 rogue on sulis! I thought it would be great for a fresh start no plat (I gave my items away on sulis when I quit 2-3m worth!) My in game name is Oh Crypt and I'm starting out as a druid and probably going to be making a ranger when I'm 200+. Levelling these 2 classes with no lux and no plat will be hard but I'm up for the challenge especially that these are the 2 hardest classes to lvl (you could argue a mage). I'm hopefully going to be rocking 2 devices with my ranger and druid and have a great time in this fab world! hope to meet some of you soon!

Re: Hi I'm New!!!

Hey, welcome !
I have seen you in game already, if you need anything, just pm :)
Spacemod's ign is bugs by the way.
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Istael: druid lvl 220
Xisuthros: warrior lvl 220

Re: Hi I'm New!!!

Welcome to lugh :) Ill try my best and help when i see you!
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