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Top Ak moment

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:52 am
by HrFnasemos
Now that Akbar has decided to give Lugh a break, I will try to lighten my mood by sharing my favorite Akbar moment.

This was back before Otherworld, before Ancients, event before I reached lvl 60 and was invited to Toycats first clan Phoenix.

By todays standard we were all noobs and one of the most recent additions to the game was the fettlecap mushroom quests with mushrooms distributed across Shale and SV. Deathcap mushrooms came with a do not eat warning...

At one point, picking fettles for a few xps and a possible health pot, I came across Akbar laying flat out in the grass behind the SV town ley. I did not know Ak then but found the scenario (and the necessary mushroom testing that must have caused his death) hilarious. This was also before auto logout, so the body was laying there for quite a while.

I might be easily amused...

Re: Top Ak moment

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:03 am
by Voldemort
I actually remember continuously running past his body :lol:

Re: Top Ak moment

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:37 pm
by LeGenDzZ
Did you t bag him? That always happens to be when I'm dead on the floor.

Re: Top Ak moment

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:26 am
by xyn
Hehe. Thx derk. Those were fun days :)

I recall 'standing guard' at shalemont bridge before auto time out. I would place ak there and 3 hrs later check to see how much gold and Xp I had gotten lol.

Many noobs thanked me for keeping the bridge clear haha

Fun days.

Thank you all for your kind words. Once things settle down (irl), I'll try to pop in once in a while to say hi.


Re: Top Ak moment

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:55 pm
by gingerk
Hahaha yes :) good times