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Re: bummer

Ak, I am very sorry to hear you are done. I remember some fun times. I am also a bit surprised at what seems to have been happening recently on Lugh. I have not been in game much, so I cannot be sure that I have everything straight. Anyway, it is not likely that I will have time to play in the next couple years in any case. To any that would suggest that Ak or Mech would ever want or get a "free ride", I am very surprised and troubled by that sort of attitude. If anyone thinks that, they obviously have not interacted with Ak much. He has always been happy to help out new or old players, he is fair and willing to act as a mediator when things get heated, and he has spent a lot of time experimenting and tweaking his characters. He really knows how to play effectively and has never wanted or needed any sort of "free ride". I remember pleasant times playing with people who are both in and out of Alliance, so I will have to reserve judgement, but I would urge everyone to "play nice". There are certain modes of conduct that are appropriate in social situations, whether or not a person is online, there are others that are not appropriate.

If I need to update my stickied post about Lugh or have it unstickied I can. In that sort of post I would not want to take sides, but I would not want anyone to get the wrong idea about Lugh either. If there are some clans that have new ideologies or if the server has reached a new consensus of another sort, the post should reflect that. If someone would make a new post, or if clan leaders would make posts I could link to it might be appropriate.

RR, I like the baseball analogy. I think it sums up very well what is problematic about the "free ride" nonsense.
RogerRanger wrote:It is the loss of cooperation on what was a fair and friendly server that is disappointing not losing a “free ride”. Let me use a baseball analogy to describe the sense of entitlement that leads to this “free ride” nonsense.

You get on first base through a base hit or a walk. This was largely through your own effort but others may have helped with your batting practice, a new bat or other ways. The people of Lugh then help you advance around the bases to third. When you find yourself on third base, you think you hit a triple.
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Re: bummer

Free rides are people who don't do there fair share, I have seen some chocking photos of people not even using haste rings, not hasting for bosses, Afk at Necro allowing themselves to die lifestealed, it Dosent seem unreasonable that alliance would want to go dominant after things like that, im not saying akbar would do this i really don't know the guy

Bye ak enjoy life
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Re: bummer

This went well, locking it now. Pm akbar if you wish to say goodbye in a positive way
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