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Re: Lugh Player Ban – Vote

Vulture wrote:
RogerRanger wrote:Considering the recent issues with the forum, it would be understandable if the OP wanted to extend the comment/voting period beyond the usual time period of 1 week.

I would like to point out the last time be banned a player the votes in favor of the ban vs. votes against was approximately 4:1 in favor of the ban. Currently, we stand at about 2:1 against the ban of o8o. I think we can safely conclude that o8o isn’t banned but I will leave it to the OP to close the vote.

@Critz: When do you want to wrap this up?

Very thoughtful of you RR, I know you had a great time on this thread. Unfortunately it has come to a close. As said before: it was over when players posted votes for non-forumers.

Since Critz accepted the responsibility of making the OP, shouldn't he close the vote? Don't misunderstand, I am happy to put this matter behind us. :D

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