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Re: Lugh Player Ban – Vote

I have been asked to enter votes for several people who either don't have forum accounts or are having trouble with the forums. Feel free to contact the individual players if you doubt the veracity of the vote.

Innocence -1
Dor4elorn -1
Skinhed -1
Wendellx -1
Kapec -1
CiHat -1
MidKnight -1
Pibe -1
TomTomTom -1
Ciccio -1

Clan: Ancients
RogerRanger 223
RogerDruid 160+
RogerRogue 160+
RogerWarrior 150+
RogerMage 110+

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Re: Lugh Player Ban – Vote

I don't even get this. There's a bunch of adults complaining about their video game cartoon getting bullied by another toon?

We've had some players on my server that felt the need to 'run their mouth' from behind their screen. Since you can't get the satisfaction of meeting them face to face and asking them to repeat what they said, hit the block button. That has done wonders for us. Then we just refuse to group with those players we have issues with.

Calling someone names and insulting someone from behind a screen is just stupid and to respond to it isn't much better if the response is to insult and call names...then both players are equal in fault.

Personally I think it's funny if someone wants to take the time to be insulting to me. I'm glad they think I'm that important to take them time on me. It's amazing how when someone starts insulting you and you simply respond with "thanks! Have a great day!" And become a broken record like that, it doesn't take long before the person stops trying to get a reaction.

If one of my students were to report a bullying issue, sure, it should be addressed. But for adults to complain their cartoon character on a mobile game is being bullied and harassed by another cartoon character...it just makes me shake my head with not understanding.

Anyway, I'll step out.
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