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Re: wechat voting discussion thread

Here's the deal.

This world is run by elite players. There is no one top clan, it is simply an extremely large group of once again, ELITE players. We don't vote on petty issues that concern new players. We vote and discuss issues on stuff that we experience: END GAME. A level 100 should not have any say on what we do on a level 210 boss. For these reasons it is logical to reject votes given by low leveled players as they aren't voting for what will make their game better, they're voting for what they think will be better for them if they were to ever reach that level and that's ruining gameplay for the ones experiencing the issues.

Wechat is a horrible place to hold votes. Voting works well on the forums as the votes are easy to count and always visible. The problem is the irrelevant votes. We need to weed out low level players as they simply don't add to a discussion, they're just fillers.

Just think if we had an army of 400 level 30's come up here and vote on how we distribute our edl drops. It's just nonsense.

The only reasons people want to allow low level votes is so that they can bribe some noobs or get their friends to support their vote. Or it's so the noobs feels important. If it wasn't obvious, neither of those reasons solve our problems.

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Re: wechat voting discussion thread

paggasquid wrote:61 player sis the majority of the end game players. Look at the votes and you will see that less then 61 peeps vote at each vote.

People who don't care about the vote, or are neutral(same thing) dont say anything because they aren't + or - How many neutral votes are on the forums? Almost 0. So it proves if someone is neutral, they almost always just won't say anything. If you think its because no one saw it, people talk about votes ingame, and alot of people use the forums. More people show an opinion then you think, just because it isn't written doesnt mean it doesn't exist.
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Re: wechat voting discussion thread


I am against anything that limits input from the players. Another benefit to voting on the forum is transparency. We have a public record of the votes and you can count them for yourself if you like.

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