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Couple of days ago Dany9898, who was banned during spider event, got an edl drop and people let him keep. I think Dany completely changed attitude and learned his lesson and he really deserves his chance to be unbanned and come back joining all bosses of this game. All of Us can make a mistake, what matters is to learn and change how to behave in a community like this. Can be Dany9898 be considered unbanned already or We need a vote? If We need a vote to unbann him, here i put my +1. Please let me know your feedback, thanks.
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Re: Dany9898

I believe people deserve a 2nd chance.
Players can get greedy in games like this it's not like it may be a motive more like a determination to be better than the next player you also will always have enemys -.- that's in all mmo games.
I do not know the complete story on how or why dany9898 was banned, but I do know competition and things like this can get very competitive. I vote 1 unbannment on dany9898. If he really learned his lesson ppl can change its not impossible!

Re: Dany9898

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