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Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

I'll start it off

Hello, my ign is Typhoon currently level 177 (rogue), and my alt comet level 111 (ranger). Currently in a very friendly clan named Amity. I started Lugh sometime around late 2013 I believe, When I first started playing I was basically a castle nub, I'd pretty much never level..sit in castle everyday haha! I pretty much just leveled to 100 on comet, I started off in a clan called 'Elixir' ran by Helicopter :) was a nice small clan, that's how I met Lukov, Adebayor, Shendra, Emmi, Helicopter Elixir was a very kind/helpful clan I remember that every time that I needed help I got it, they always helped me get armour, kill bosses in ow, helped with quests it was very kind of them to do so, after most left that clan I met some very kind people like judillia, natedog, nutella, when I decided to join 'Celticpl1mps' was a funny clan name always asked why it was named like that haha, but I always had a fun time in that clan I remember when me and judillia always looked alike with our addiction to fashion haha :) think we both still are addicted to fashion. And I met Nute one day when she said something about how my name sucked haha still luv Ya nute! After that clan sorta broke apart, I decided to try 'Argona' I had a lot of good memories in that clan that's when I met Neek, Nift, Iceicebaby! How do I begin.. Well neek was a really funny guy, always had his jokes and all, helped his lower level clannies helped them level, helped them with quests etc. I remember one day seeing nift with some pretty cool fashion on (my weakness is seeing good fash) anyways I was pretty much asking would you sell your fashion set he said 'no lad, it's my only set' after that we pretty much just started convos after that by saying hello, and eventually we started lixing I sorta passed him then now to this day he passed me haha way to go nift!! Icyyyy wooot!! Your like the coolest person I know (HA COOLEST) anyways I met you in Argona when I saw you leveling in OW I always called you icy to this day I still do! You always helped me when I was a nub with helping me
Do my dailys, always told me to level so I wouldn't be a castle nub haha, and now I'm not pretty much because you and my brother (Vulture) telling me to always level saying 'it's so easy' nuh uh! That's was a challenge lol! Anyways I was in Argona for along time me and icy got bored so we decided to go our own ways icy went to Amity and I went to Alliance. Alliance was pretty much where all the high levels were at! When I was in I didn't feel like a nub considering I was in a clan with sooo many high levels this is where I met Mistalayden, Cecilkain, Samear few others! And ( Lasciel, she came later on) anyways Mista and cecil were both very funny, Mista was my one of my bestfriends when I was in Alliance he always helped me out we always talked it was so much fun. I pretty much met Cecillia when I discoverd mista and cecil are brothers haha! Cecillia was such a noob, he still is to this day! Haha cecillia you know I joke with Ya haha! Anyways cecil was one of the people who you could just call a nub and he wouldn't care, he is though :o even ask lasciel! Sam I am I met her in castle (haha castle nub phoonie?) anyways I met her when I was sending clan donations she kept on healing me and she was talking to me about her heals and she would play her music icon to me so I would dance we sorta started to laugh and talk and that's how I met sammie! Las las las! Omg I remember when I was a higher level then you at one point! I saw you one day camping stonelord with Adebayor! You leveled like 20 levels a day omg! Lasciel is one of the kindest person ever, she's so giving, like if you needed anything..she would give you pretty much if you were a good friend of hers! Which I was and still am haha :) las pretty much leveled so quickly to 190 she started another account named owl I remember when me, monkey, cecil and owl would level at trolls, then cecil was slacking, monkey quit, and I was busy with school, you and BABYCAKE (Nutella) blasted to 190 haha! That was really neat to see, then now you have a druid named Lenore! Don't blast to 190 with out me this time! After alliance broke, I left to ancients met more people! Rob155, Samear, mech, lots more, I'll make this quick, very helpful clan, helped with quests, Randall with his chest giveaways to clannies we pretty much just had a fun time all members were really nice! Left clan and made my own with MonkeyNinja haha whatta nub I remember he didn't really like his name I thought it was cool, anyways he was such a funny person, nice personality! And we pretty much helped each other. We decided to leave that clan because we heard Cecilkain and Instant were gonna bring Alliance back up so we joined again for alongg long time! Alliance is where we recruited good close friends, this clan was beond the max helpful alliance geared ALL members with full DL it was such a nice, giving, polite, funny, joyful clan! It was so much fun, nice, polite, giving clan! They helped with everything they were so funny all members! We all had a laugh once and awhile and it was great!! After things when sorta down hill I decided to leave clan still love all members in it!! I Joined Amity! Where I was with my friends Lukov, Icy, Tobius (yoshi met him in Elixir too), corupt, Vulture (irl brother). All I can really say is that so far it's been amazing! I love it in Amity, tobi makes funny jokes, it's a nice small clan and it's fun to get to know people! And so far I've been loving Lugh every moment! I also met other people not in clan Stealthyn1nja, Smartone, Kapec, Hermoniee, Persy, o8o, fifi and plenty more! all very nice and helpful People! Never had a bad time! Lastly i know I haven't shared this yet but yeah Vulture is my real Life brother, he's actually really funny, makes me laugh all the time haha! He's a good big brother he helped me a lot on this game and pretty much got be addicted to playing it, and btw ( I'm a way better rogue then him ) so This is my introduction of how my Ch life has been!
lugh! Introduce yourselves! :D
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

My name is Shannon. Started playing since 2011 yule. I used to run around talking to people. Sold an idol for 1k. Got up to level 30+, joined a clan (i cannot remember name). Clanmates helped me alot, kushalwarrior, and some other guys. Then i leveled to 46, and that time ricktor was the first dude to reach level 100. I still remember seeing ricktor wil meteoric armour. Was jealous because i wanted that armour too. Then i quit the game. 2013 february i started playing again, got up to level 50+ and joined Aftermath. They really helped me alot. RogerRanger, Waio, Shiftee (CloakNDagger), Maxeesvigor, o8o, and others that i cant remember. I got up to level 70, and i still remember buying my blue coven hat from Ruminr. He told me blue was the rarest and there were no purple and white coven hat. I payed 50k for it. 50k back then was alot. (That hat is now missing). And i bought my white mask of lugh from Gingerkhan. Found a girl name Bubbi, she told me she got scammed. A dude (dont wanna name him) traded his sultan carpet for her 1million cloud mount. She begged me for gold. I told her i would pay 70k for a shrink charm and sultan carpet. She said okay. I didnt know sultan were 200k in shop. Then When i was level 85 i left aftermath and joined Syndicate. Have good friends Dragonassasin, Blackdragon99, SmartOne, stealthyn1nja? and others i forgot. Got to level 105 maybe? Payed Daftpunk 100k for a mind slate, and payed someone 200k for the other 2 mind slates and got my bp. Then i left syndicate because i quitted the game again. Now 2015, im back. But currently im busy with college, so wont be on much. Thanks about it. And to those who call me scammer for having a white mask of lugh, ask gingerkhan how i obtained it, lol.
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

I joined in 2013 halloween event. My friend who doesnt play anymore told me about the game so i decided to start. I started as a complete noob selling spirit dust for 500g and thinking im rich when i finally obtained 1k gold. I joined celticplmps and loved everyone there, Rosawinter, talbert, Judilla, Natedog, Mizza, solid, istael, and much much more. I then got my ranger to 135 and was ready for a big push after christmas with talbert, solid and istael. During that christmas i sent out tons of presents to my clannies and obtained some msyelf ;) Around january 5th my ranger was hacked and i lost everything. Unfortunately i quit the game. I then came back this past halloween event making a rogue thinking nobody would remember me. I walked into castle and there they were. Rosawinter and Istael probably my two best friends on celtic. I was shocked they remmeber me from after a year and thankful they still trusted me :) They introduced me to everyone and almost all remmebered me too!! I lvled to 90 and somehow Reytch took a chance with me by letting me join hobnobbers. I joined got tons of help and made some awesome friends such as reytch, daw, bam, shadowhealer, kabal, striker, noel, perky, kyna, telly, scissor, viru, and neero (who now moved to a different clan but we r still friendly :)) and soooooo much more (the list will go on forever). After some lvling with rosas alt i reached lvl 135 and started lvling with proxima and eritand all the way to 160 until they both passed me fast. During those lvls i made some more friends out of clan such as ginger, lasciel, eritand, proxima, over9000, itom, cihat and more!!! I now lay lvl 164 and i am lvling with my two favorite healers shadowhealer and Istael :) It has been a great journey and shall continue
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Perseus1 wrote:Hello. My name is perseus the first. But yall probably know me by sexy pimp daddy 101. If you want to know about me just ask everyone for sexy pimp daddy 101. Ty. Typhoon you forgot about me :'(
fixed :o sorry persy :o
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

hello all, its Raijin. I was introduced to the game by my brother and officially started in july of 2012. i started at the time that my brother quit. my first character was a warrior by the name of SteakPlissken. After a few hours of playing I soon realized how expensive many of the items seemed. There were so many things I wanted, but without plat I couldnt afford. My brother introduced me to the idea of "merching" and I started to do so. I would bug him and others about prices on certain items and such. 2012 was a cool time because everyone was tight knit and got along very well. My first clan was the hellsangels, until I started my own. I ran a noob clan called the Legion where I invited every single person I saw without a clan. There was like 500 members in it haha. It was here I met Adebayor, Pinterspupil, gandahar, and Diabloblanco. All nice people. I was supposed to merge clans with MichaelXXX but we never ended up doing that. I remember buying my first pair of heroic gloves, offhand, etc. I remember buying lesser earthstone boots off of the lvl 60 rogue Vulture :D , who was known to me as Zirl. As time went on I continued to level and get better gear. Eventually I would go on to join a new clan known as Heroics. I was given the clan by xShawnx. Heroics was very powerful in late 2012. It was here I met ghostlord, Shendra, JoeEros, salear, damnstraight and others (i know theres a lot more that im forgetting). I always tried to be as helpful as possible to all my clan mates. I always offered advice on leveling, helped with quests, and gave advice on merching. Perhaps the funniest thing was my huge war with Hiyo. Hiyo was a big time scammer during 2012-early 2013. It wasnt until April 2013 that my brother would start playing again. Only this time not as the high damaging level 80 ranger of 2012 named doomhammer, but as lughs newest mage, Furyion. At this time, I cleared out my bank alt (Raijin) and started to level him. For the moment, I have stopped leveling Raijin. You can find me in the area shouting what im buying or selling. All in all, ive met a lot of nice people on lugh. There are some kinks in the chain, but all in all most players are pretty cool.

Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hey I'm Istael.
I started playing in 2012 I think. On a mage called Tanguyy. I was a big noob who thought that having the same number of points in each stat was good. No wonder why I failed an quitted.
I came back in September 2013, leveled to 70+ then decided to make a druid while devildave made a warrior. I loved it and started leveling a " lot " with two friends : Honeybee and Applejacks. I reached lvl 60 but then they quitted.
I joined CelticP1mps and met many people there : Judilia, Natedog, Tambo, Talbert, Rosawinter and so many others. I also met Druid2001 and started playing a lot with her.
P1mps died, so I joined Synergy for a month, then joined my old friends Jud and Nate in Alliance. I've met many people there too, Dtach, Monkeyninja. ..
When Natedog created Security, I joined and had fun there ! But it died too, and I joined Ancients to stay with my friends. I have been able to know many other friendly people there :D

I just want to thank Judilia ( aka Emberstorm ) and Nate because they introduced me to the server community. Druid2001 because she's always been helpful, and she has been supporting me for months :). Tambo, well ... you were the one I really started my journey with and I hope we will keep playing together for years !
Thank you, everyone who has been here during this journey :) there are many names but be sure I haven't forgotten you !
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