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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hello, many of you may not remember me, and i'm pretty sure that some of you, if you've played long enough do. My name is Rothar, i started in late 2011 and i ended around late 2012. i was a level 152 warrior in clan Ancients. i was friends with so many, such as Calumallan if i remember correctly. A lot has changed and my account has been deleted for a reason i don't know. But ever since i got this game back, everything has been coming back to me and old people that i used to know have gotten way stronger than when i last saw them. One of them is Neek, and back when i was level 150, i remember him being level 50 with full ancient armor :") I remember Lukov back in the days and and back when Ancients were high in the leader boards :( Its nice to be back and if any of you remember me in Lugh then hit me up. I'm restarting my account and being a rogue. Hope to see u guys and catch up if any of you guys were friends with me :)

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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Greetings. My name is Mindreader and I have been playing for several years (with periodic 1 yr breaks :) ). I was a member of syndicate (RIP syn :() for a good while and am currently a somewhat active member of The Chosen Ones.

I am generally very willing to help anyone in game if I can. (but I'm starting to limit my handouts ;))
(be forewarned that I may not know how to help, but I'll do what I can and find someone else who knows what they're talking about to help me help you...) (or I'll guess on the spot and move on :D)
I am not currently actively leveling as I am trying to catch up financially and gear-wise

...and finally, no, I'm not going to read your mind, because that would violate the Terms & Services Agreement.

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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

I am MrsDredd, resident noob of the mighty Alliance. I've been playing for 4 weeks, am level 164 and am already hopelessly addicted to fashion. MrDredd and I found CH through Googling best mobile MMORPGs after tiring of the godawful money-grabbing in another game we had played for a couple years. This is the best game I have played in a long time and I'm super glad I found it :) My aim in the game is to be kickass for my team when I get stronger.. and to own a 100% unicorn *day dreams*
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hello guys, I'm kennywOw, started in Lugh since 2012-2013. With many other alts. Around 2014Mid-2015 Moved to Arawn. Used to kill lots of scrubs in Arena along with tzunami and dany9898. Was really fun. reason for leaving Lugh. Hated by many, especially o8o. Had a huge fight with him/her. Anyways I'm back semi-active in clan Insomnia. Won't be killing people in Arena anymore :) . Will be looking forward to meeting my old friends in game!



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