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Looking for Diadem of Ice

I am just coming here from a different server but am really missing the diadem of ice hats from last Yule (sentimental value due to being the current collection quest hats when I first joined the game, and of course looking really cool.) I would most want to buy a Winter Courtier's Diadem of Ice (yellow on yellow) or a Dawn Queen's Diadem of Ice (silver on black, though this might be out of my price range), but am really somewhat interested in whatever I can find (I do strongly prefer either the silver or the gold trim, though). Does anyone have one or more Diadems of Ice they would be willing to sell for a reasonable price?

Re: Looking for Diadem of Ice

Ive got Dawns diadem yellow, and Snowbound Queens diadem of Ice.
Since I have no clue as to what you would consider reasonable prices for any of these (or other colours I may have), you can mail me a suggested price or trade (I will consider useful items, but not fashion) if you are still interested and havent already got what you wanted from Shannon.
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