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Mordris x Necro Required

As there are doubts regarding the fact that the battalions of Modris and Necro, would like to open this topic to talk, we take guidance and perhaps explain and listen to suggestions.

- The Battle of Mordris is made with the required level 185

- The battle Necro is made with the required level 180

I would like to understand why we use the difference between the boss if it has the same level (190). Not only because I do not know, but I would also have argument to be able to explain to my clannies.

I am not ashamed to ask something I do not know, so here we go to create a foundation that defends this difference.

Feel free to opine on the facts and address / develop new ideas!

The debate is the best way to make decisions, listening and knowing express yourself without offending others.
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Re: Mordris x Necro Required

I feel that mordris and necro should both be a lvl 180 req. because both bosses are lvl 190. Every other boss has been 10 lvls under so why cant they? Yeah mordris drops items tht are lvl 185 and 190 req. but that just gives the player motivation to lvl up more. From what I've been told, most of mordys drops are lvl 180 req. anyways. Plus for the lvl 180s it would be nice to be given the chance to win one of those cool lvl 180 req. spears! These are my personal opinions.

Re: Mordris x Necro Required

Randall has explained thoroughly why we have the level 185 cap. So, for uniformity i vote level 185 cap for both Mordy and Necro.
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