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I was scammed! What do i do? This character named ladylove was hosting a dice, saying that if she rolled higher than 60 (after paying 44k) i would win the third rarest dragonstaff, and I would get payed my 44k back. After she rolled a 91, she logged off.
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Re: Scammers!

There is probably no remedy to this sort of incident.

People need to dice without the expectation of getting the money back.

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Re: Scammers!

Like Armo said, there's no solution to this other than to not bet on dice, OTM have said they won't refund scams like this.

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Re: Scammers!

Pretty much what everyone else said....it is a lesson learned. It sucks, but only thing you can do is move on from here and don't make the same mistake twice...if you're going to dice, only dice with high levels with reputations on the line.

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