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The truth revealed. (If you choose to believe it.)

I'm enjoying all of this naming & shaming! It's entertaining. It is also very entertaining, the fact that people will believe anything they hear.

I am Neek. I am the person whom is dubbed 'scammer' every single day, whether it be in the game, or on forums. I have been dealing with these false accusations for around a year and a half, and it is getting VERY old. No, I do not scam. Yes, I am very rich & prosperous throughout my characters in Lugh. This should give you no indication and no right to accuse me of scamming, especially if there isn't proof. That's really what I hate about Lugh; if someone says something is true, then everyone will believe it, and render it completely true. God forbid you let me tell you my side of a story. I personally do not have a reason to scam anyone, I have what I need and I don't like to put people in ruts like that, I know what it's like. I also do not think that scamming is worth the reputational consequences, but in this case I guess it doesn't matter.

To clear another thing up, I did see that picture on the forums earlier before it was removed. Everyone knows the chat trick where you can make it seem like someone said something by saying it at the end of the chat line. This is why, on said picture, the top part 'my' whisper was not shown.

I could sit here for a long time, just telling you the truth - about how I didn't scam the camo charm, or the reaper ring, or how I didn't buy or sell any dl. I could sit here giving you valid excuses, telling you the truth. But I would much rather you come up to me in forum messages, mail, or whisper me in-game and ask me what really happened. A can put any rumor down that I scam, sell dl, whatever. Absolutely none of it is true, and particular high levels have milked all of these rumors into something bigger. I cannot go one day without somebody, be it someone I know or someone random, bickering at me about why I allegedly scammed this, that, or whatever someone has told them. Hell, some people that accuse me of scamming are known scammers themselves, with proof.

I guess what I'm asking is for you to give me a chance. Give me a chance to say something sometimes, maybe it'll bend your opinion. Granted, I know it's easy to believe anything a good friend says. I have lots of friends on Lugh that know I would never scam, so just hear me out sometimes. Come see me or ask me about something you heard about before you assume that it is true. I'm here for any information you need about anything you heard.

I would also like to ask for one valid reason I should be banned from dl dicing. Should I be banned for having rumors spread about me? That seems rather unfair. Considering I've been able to dice for a very long while now, I don't see a point in saying that I'm still banned, solely because you don't like me.

Thank you and be sure to actually listen to me next time, you might think differently about me.
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Re: The truth revealed. (If you choose to believe it.)

StealthyN1nja wrote:We all can tell if rumors have gotten bigger or not. This had been the biggest gossip still known..although many rumors are false. I really cant tell why we are still going on about this.. Why cant we just be friends?! :( :( :( :'(

Lol ik, it's been like 7 months since he was 'banned' and all he did was buy some items that he may or may not have known were scammed and flipped for resale, he even paid back his profits lol. I feel like if this happened to someone else the outcome would have been different. Anyways, I feel like it's gone on long enough, shouldn't have to be shunned for so long when he never actually scammed anything. Hopefully people just let this go eventually and Neek stops getting involved in such stupid scenarios and we won't have any problems again.

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Re: The truth revealed. (If you choose to believe it.)

I'm a good friend of Neek. That doesn't mean im here to take up for him with lies. He would never scam, we've both trusted each other with many things, varying from gold to items. Like he said he has no reason to scam, he has the equipment and lux he needs. And how does he have all this and gold? He's been playin for a couple
years now. If you have anything to say, you can find me in Lugh. - HeartofLife

Re: The truth revealed. (If you choose to believe it.)

I hear what you are saying. If you will recall, I listened to your explanation s just last week.

I just didn't believe you.

It would be one thing if you seemed to be trying to do the right thing. But instead, you are always trying to explain why everyone should be OK with you doing whatever will most benefit you, often at the expense of others.

You have hurt many people in Lugh with how you behave. And while it would be nice to see a change, that hasn't happened.

If the people of Lugh want to lift the ban on your dicing drops, that's fine. But if not, then that should continue to be respected.

For myself, I consider the circumstances around the scammed camo charm to be convincing. I do believe that you yourself scammed it, and sold it. If you had chosen to return it free to the owner, I would believe you when you say you didn't scam it. Given all this, as well as listening to you last week, I'm sorry, but I don't think you have changed a bit. I think you will continue to cause harm to others to get what you want.

Perhaps your friends will be able to help you figure out how to make real changes in your behavior, if you truly wish to do so. Some of them have worked hard to redeem themselves, and will be good guides.

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