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Hello Lugh. We as a new clan feel that it is necessary to send out some information. We have been hearing some grumbling that we (Alliance) are trying to form a dominant clan in Lugh. This is NOT the case. We are a group of people that have a common interest in having fun, limiting drama (as much as possible), and a new chance for people. We do not, and will not recruit from those in clans, but we do accept for people to request to join. We will not exclude anyone in boss fights (unless there is a problem with those people as a rule in Lugh).

Our desire is to have people in Alliance that can play the game, cooperate with others, be mature, and HAVE FUN.

We will help others in clan and outside of Alliance including in boss fights and quest items.

Our system of running our clan is a bit different. We do not have a chief per se’. Our generals run everything from a democratic standpoint. All major decisions are proposed and voted on. Yes, this system sometimes takes longer, but we feel that it is for the betterment of the clan. All of our generals are seasoned players and understand how the game works. We have a process that we follow, we as generals must stick to it to ensure uniformity and what is best for all.

In addition, Alliance does have a few guidelines. This is not to hinder the CH experience but hopefully to increase the enjoyment for all. These are as follows:

2. Respect yourself and respect others personal gaming space and boundaries. This includes No begging. No spamming, no random grp requests.
3.No arguing in public with anyone. Take it private (never, ever, ever, do it in public).

We have had several ask to join. If you request to join, please be patient. We have a panel who reviews all requests. This takes time.
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