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Clan Pegasus

Overview: Hello fellow Lugh players and others. This post is not to bash other clans or players but to just inform players on our clan and to think for themselves :). We are clan "Pegasus". Most of us have been here on Lugh or other worlds for awhile and know the ropes of the game. We have many veteran players with knowledge about the game and willing to help all in the clan. We are not as big in numbers at the moment as past dom clan "Alliance" but we are in the rise. WE ARE AN ENDGAME CLAN. We can kill any boss in the game ranging from Warden quest gear to Gelebron the boss himself. We are fully prepared to enter the gardens update fully geared and ready to kill all who stands in our way :)

Recruitment: Currently we are recruiting all players who are in the level range of 150+. Clan may be willing to invite family and friends lower of the level range if we see potential and activity in players. We however do not generally accept members who may have bad pasts on Lugh or other worlds such as scamming, account sharing, selling drops, unfriendly, etc. You can apply for Pegasus at pegasuslugh.guildlaunch.com. There you can make an account and apply by giving us some information about you such as in game level, stats, other accounts, and skills. Generally voting take 2-3 days for someone to get into the clan so please don't worry if it seems it takes too long.

Questions: If Lugh players or xfer player have any questions feel free to post in here or get ahold of some of us in game. (Not all gens/guardians)
Chief: Perkamentus
Gens and Guardians: Jennie, wreckie, robsranger, The Lastarcher, Alimage, Spicoli, MrDredd and MrsDredd
Or message me in game: xShawnx

Hope this was a big help and answers many of your guys questions about clans besides the other only endgame clan "Alliance"
Hope we can help all who applies and LONG LIVE LUGH! :)
Thank you all for reading
Shawn (Warrior) 221
SilentRogue (Rogue) 212
xCarterx (Locker) 190
World: Lugh

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