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Bounty: Gaze or Glaze

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This bounty tells you at first to kill 2 Excalted Terrorsouls, once you open it in your quest menu it says you have to kill 4 of them.

Also, please fix the whole Arcanum Sactum bounty thing. There is no reward vs. effort. Killing 4 (or even 6) 4* mobs in Arcanum Sanctum should never ever give the same amount of xp as collecting 2 Forbidden Scrolls. Please..
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Re: Bounty: Gaze or Glaze

Great, now they'll just lower xp from turning in scrolls. People asked for Arcane Sanctum quests and this is what we got. I'd say fix the bugged text, but just leave everything as it is. Changes are never for players benefit, we are naive and foolish to think so.

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