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Re: Looking for an active fun social clan

Welcome! Currently raids are Taranis-wide, any player can attend and participate regardless of clan. Most raid-level clans recruit from levels 180+, some from 150+. For now focus on leveling and making friends :)

The server is active, however I expect the server situation to change dramatically in the next few months as the general sentiment trends more towards cooperation as united clans vs cooperation as individuals of Taranis. 2019 will be a very interesting year!
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Re: Looking for an active fun social clan

No problem gottson. We all just want to have fun and be in a great clan.

Thanks for your answer regenleif. I do focus on lvling and gear up while doing this.
I hope to find a clan that helps me lvl-up and can teach me what to do with my mage and gold/little platinum i have.

I re-look clan wise on lvl 150/180


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