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Hows Taranis doing ?

Hey guys,
Some of you may still remember me and my Main 1Insane1/Brainless.
How is Taranis doing and what changed over the past 2 years? :)

With the new Cross Platform I might come back and want to be up to date about the clan structures and stuff like that :)
Name Lvl Clan
1insane1 220 TheIlluminati General
1Maniac1 215
Brainless 190
Strudel 203
FireMcFire 203

Re: Hows Taranis doing ?

Guten Tag mein Lehrling und Freund, wie gehts? :) !

Aeon is still big.
Pride is still big.

Aeon and Pride don't fight nearly as much as they used to, largely because of...

Benevolence is a rebel clan that destroyed rotations and camp groups, now everything is FFA and we have to permacamp raids and kill bosses on spawn.

Aeon and Pride are considered "Union", and the current standing is Union vs Bene.

Moo still plays, I still play, Ady still plays, Terra is playing again, Serratus still plays, Betty still plays, Priest doesn't play anymore, PINDAR is coming back.

Everyone is level 220-230 now, there is a "tower" with several areas from lvl 170-220; Level 190 is nothing anymore! You can get to 220 easy peasy.

Druids were buffed, and are actually pretty good now (yay!).

However, energy problems are still a huge issue (no!).

Most areas look visually completely different now, definitely take time to check that out. Don't get lost in Farcrag!

Four new abilities:
- Critical Skills (chance of dealing 2x spell damage)
- Critical Strike (change of dealing 2x auto damage)
- Scholarly (chance of getting 2x xp)
- Treasure Hunting (chance of getting 2x gold)
Get these ASAP!

Beyond that, everything is pretty much the same :)

Ich vermisse dich!
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