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Re: Taranis Buy Sell Page (buy/sell/trade/gift-all unbound item)

Spirited Green Duskcrow Guise
Bloodlust Pink Dark Rider Boots
Bloodlust Green Dark Rider Tunic
Green Dark Rider Tunic
Bloodlust Green Dark Rider Boots
Red Coven Hat from 2012
Bracelet of Spirits (15 energy regen)
Grand Emberdrake Bracelet of Stealth (40 str and 216 to sneaky and assassinate) lvl 130 req
Comrack's Bladeleaf Set (total 150 vit and str + 100 heat dmg) lvl 140 req
Jalan's Ironroot Ring (70 vit) lvl 150 req

PM me here or in game, or send in game mail to Foxer for prices or offers :)
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Foxer Lvl 150+ Rogue (main)

LadyFye Lvl 30+ Rogue
xXFionaXx Lvl 30+ Druid

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