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selling my account for ingame gold

multiple level 30s a 103 warrior 131 mage 61 ranger mage has 115 bag space and around 400 bank warrior has around 300 bag space an 500 bank mage has full frozen warrior has all meta but chest they have some sigls you get bare account with just warden/meta/frozen gear will leave rings an such serious offers only will take 7mill

Re: selling my account for ingame gold

Inb4lock :twisted:
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Re: selling my account for ingame gold

Voldemort wrote:See thread on Lugh.

Account selling is against the terms of service.

Thread locked.

It's against tos? How? It's permanent account trading, so it's not sharing

Re: selling my account for ingame gold

This thread is not locked. Are the moderator abilities not working or did voldemort forget. Either way it is no big deal but seeing as this post is in direct violation of otm policy I am curious.
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