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Hi Guys,
Selling lvl150 offhand axe of conquest magic damage for 425k OBO
Heroic gloves of haste 90k
Heroic Ammy rejuv 175k
black glenmore boots 55k
white glen gloves 55k
pink glen boots 6k
pink glen bottoms 15k
pink woad top 40k
50 heat damage charm lvl125 req 50k
snowbound black frostguard gloves 45k
purple spidersilk set -hat 85k
snowbound frostguard orange hat 12k
yellow frostguard top 18k
ancient wyrm spear lvl160 req 125k
lvl90 frostiron bow 100k
plz message here or in game if interested
lvl210 rogue zOvOz
lvl114 Warrior Bravefrontier

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