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Re: Bayta; Rogue Level 95 TO THE SUPPORT

And I'm pretty sure that your clan lochanin merrari and vikka probaly won't be seeing this not very many people check the forums and I really wouldn't expect otm to do anything, free tibit was also scammed by tubbi, and yes your right this guy tubbi is very smart he knew tibit was already a known scammer and had a bad rep so he knew if he scammed freetibit no one would believe freetibit and so he got away with it.

Re: Bayta; Rogue Level 95 TO THE SUPPORT

Bayta what was your characters names? And darkdruid he Never did Lend out any items and if you read his post carefully he says he trusted tubbi a lot and knows him in real, tubbi must have some nerve scamming him while he still knows him in real life, coming from you dark that means nothing knowing your ACC Disturbia was bought (which is against otm rules) and knowing the ACC disturbia is shared by many people idc what ya think instead of helping someone get their ACC you put them down like that? Just cause your good friends with tubbi and he gives you discounts doesn't mean you should take his side on everything and remember your fate could be the same as baytas if you trust him so much. Bayta if you plan on playing on taranis let me know I will give you 100k, I'm sick and tired of otm not doing anything so I'll help you.

Re: Bayta; Rogue Level 95 TO THE SUPPORT

Im sorry Sand, just some friendly advice and Ur talking about me buying accs? Well Ur the one who offered to buy mine and hams accs. He didn't give out items but he gave out his pass, the only reason Ur sick and tired of Otm is Cuz ur a ranger and feel too weak, other wise you wouldn't be complaining, deal with what U got, move on in life, I've been scammed 4 times, but I never gave up and look where I am, for Bayta, I hear 2 different sides: Tubbi's and yours, yours is more logical while Tubbi's is more believable, I've had in game experiences with you both aswell as Tubbi's brother (Googster) Tubbi is pretty nice and trustable, you I've had in arena problems with and in clan aswell, I recall I ended up kicking you? Tubbi's brother is sorta same to Tubbi. But im not gonna believe any of the sides, just gonna move on, as should you do, join a clan seeming for Ur needs and get better in the game! As U move on U won't notice a difference,
I can offer U some help if u wanna start another account or Wanna build up Bayta, contact my IGN: Darkdruid67 or any of them shown in my signature and user, thanks! Take care all!
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