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Morrigan to Taranis (Gold for Gold)

Hi all..

Looking to trade gold on Morrigan for gold on Taranis...*

Minimum gold i will transfer is 750k and the maximum is 2mil...

PM if interested

*i am not trading an account just some of its gold, so you will have to create a char on morrigan to receive the gold, likewise for me on taranis
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Re: Morrigan to Taranis (Gold for Gold)

I can transfer a golden iceblade(175k) heroic rejuv(175k)heroic boots&gloves(180k for both)smuggler coat+black coven hat+fashion boots+fashion gloves(30k(blackcoven is 20k)) 5hp tick regen tick(18k) also 20k in gold from taranis to morrigan so about 608k
main: kidtundra(level114 Rogue)
aznkid( warrior lvl130)(no longer in use ;_;)
Always happy to help you! :)
Kidtundra!:rogue 114

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