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Hello from OB

Hello guys,

It's been a while... Some of u I've kept in touch with this whole year and a half I've been away and some of u well not so much due to life or we just never had the chance to stay in touch.

I recently redone loaded the game, logged my toons and had a great time talking to some old friends, specially Wiz who was one of my best friends back in revenge days, I hear some of the old players are coming back and I was wondering who is still out there to see if it's worth it to make a come back, after all I'm not that far and still got all those lines waiting lol

Everyone seems very friendly, not sure if it's cuz of so much time has passed that all the feuds we had seem so insignificant or we just grew tired of it but I'm happy to see you guys.

I'll be leveling my toons again, a lot have been whispering, some I haven't replied but it's not because I don't want to, but because I get bombarded and spammed with the is this OB? Or can I buy the...? So it's hard for me to answer and say hello to everyone as I wish to and well wiz suggested the post.

I look forward to seeing u guys again, specially old friends like Levyy my brother, MC, My super awesome Amna and wiz, shiiva, Xanadu, Mathew and so many others, of course you too saphy and specially, Nimbin if he is still around.

In any case, hope everyone is enjoying themselves and they had a good year.
See you guys around :)


Re: Hello from OB

Hi OB your friend bobbyj here :) many things have changed in rosmerta amna doesn't play no more and I don't think xanadu and nimbin still play :) iv been playing Rhiannon for a while now :) hoping to see you login one day but not seen you :( I'm in ic and rocking my full edl #bestdpswarriorofrhiannon :) hope to see you soon and login and see me hehe :lol:

Cya soon OB :D
Bobbyj, lvl 190+ ranger
Lvl 150+ rogue
Lvl 100+ Druid
Rhiannon my new server so much better than rosmerta lol....you guys should try it out...
Warrior lvl 199+
Druid lvl 100+

Re: Hello from OB

Yeah I was on Rhiannon yesterday, I never really played for gear, I played for friends and arena looking for the reactions of those who I would bug for my own entertainment lol.

I have high level toons on both Rosmerta and Rhiannon, just deciding where I want to invest at. I have lots of friends in Rhiannon, friends in IC and the other clan (used to be outs) so I might go there if Rosmerta players aren't logging.

Is there any word on world transfers or maybe mergers?

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