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Scammer Shammers // Goodwill to all players

After being scammed 5 times in the last couple weeks (I know the dicing thing is addicting) I am going to bring back something I started several years ago. I will be making an alt whose sole purpose is to collect and distribute donations to the players. Scammers just take and give to their mains and prey on the stupid (like me). Scamming wouldn't be necessary if everything was free now would it? Call me communist, it worked before. I had begun collecting large amounts of ancient weps and armor (back in their day ;) ) and distributed them out. The way I had it set up before was something in the sense of give a donation, receive a donation. Otherwise I would just be overwhelmed and lose everything.

I will let you know what the name is as I still need to check on availability but it will be something like Goodwill/The Giver/etc. Any kind of donation (except for gold unless you just want to. I won't be distributing gold as that doesn't really make sense...) will be accepted. I'm expecting to receive a lot of mixed responses from this, but hopefully I can earn the trust of Rosmerta and make it a better place :)

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