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New to rosmerta

Hey, I just xfered from Mabon and have a few questions...
What is the best or end game clans
How much do lixes, res and pots cost
How much do the old 2011 winter items cost ( snowman head, snowman wand, sled. Etc...)
How much do all the dif color lughs cost
How much do all the dif color party hats cost
How much does each mounts cost(name as many as possible, greatly apriceiated)
My toon ATM is called Chaoss
U can contact me on snapchat @luca.o3
Thank you for your time! :-)

Re: New to rosmerta


There are two end game clans on Rosmerta. The dominant clan is Clan Forever. We are a large clan, covering a range of levels from DL through to endgame. We kill everything except Gele, usually on spawn, and are strong in all time zones. Proteus is taken daily.

We are an easy going clan, with a rich social life on our chat app, but we're fierce about raiding. We're relatively young - about 9 months old - with members from a number of different earlier clans. So in that sense we're a server unity clan.

For those seeking an alternative, Elysian compete with us. They are a fun bunch too and competition is, for the most part, friendly. There are good friendships between the clans.

Which ever you choose, Rosmerta is a great server. It is going through a renaissance. I've seen Chaoss out there - I think you saw a Mordris of ours?

Also do check out Goodies Druids videos of our raids.

Rosmerta Forever!

Re: New to rosmerta

Yes I saw the mordy raid, I am most likely going to join forever by the looks of it. I do have good experience playing end game, so when I get up there in the levels I might be able to add or tell u guys stuff we did on Mabon. (we dominate gele every spawn)

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