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Re: Necro down by outliers!

Gus in the Flesh wrote:Funny, as a clan, we at Outliers have grown by just being kind and welcoming and teaching new members to enjoy game and one another, but arrogance and ugliness from the likes of runvs may be the best recruiting tool we have. If you are coming to Rhiannon, as the Chief of Outliers, I will publicly tell you Inner Circle is a stronger clan and has a legion of dedicated gamers.

But just scan the posts above, and you decide which type of folks you want to be around :)

With the holidays approaching everyone has that one or two relatives that are a little outside the family. IC doesn't kick people for running their mouth or being excessively proud of themselves or their clan. Sure, we ask players to tone down the rhetoric but it is hard when you have enjoyed the success we have.

Congrats on Necro, but your boasting is cut short when you label my clan those "type of folks"
But that is what we have come to expect from you Gus.
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Re: Necro down by outliers!

Your clannie was incredibly rude and insulting, Perl. He deseves to be called out and I simply did, in a light hearted and humorous way. By "what you've come to expect of me", if you mean no-BS leadership that calls out bullies when they need to be called out, and isn't afraid to use a little humor to take folks down a notch-then, yes, guilty as charged :)

But you have a Happy Thanksgiving :D
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Re: Necro down by outliers!

Congratulations Outs! While it would be so much easier and less costly in terms of plat usage to have a one clan dominated server, I think I would miss the competition/ffa aspect too much and my motivation to play would significantly decrease. So, I am personally quite pleased with your clan's progress and determination. It keeps Rhiannon active and fun to have two top clans here. I look forward to more ffa fun!

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Ps: You seem more active on here than ig, Gus! We miss your sweet, soft personality!

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