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XFER- I am posting this on every world

Hey y'all. So i play on taranis and rosmerta but taranis is getting to slow for me, not enough options, not many rares, and what rares we do have.. no one sells, Also there is soo many beggers and people who dont do crap. So i am wanting to learn about every world because i will be xfering my stuff from taranis to another world i like or just moving it all to rosmerta. So what are some lix Prices?, good amount of rares?, do people sell rares?, and just any other info you think would be helpful.
Also if anyone has any stuff on rosmerta and wants to go to taranis i am looking to xfer about 3mil more there and then the rest to a world i like or in the end all back to rosmerta. Thank you all (:

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Re: XFER- I am posting this on every world

Main two clans
Outliers (preouts training clan)
Inner circle

Divine force is also a very small clan but they do get dl drops

Hero ammys go 150-160k
Sk go 4-5k
Super hp and energy lix go 1k

Very active server with lots of rares only two downsides: lots of scammers, and everything is more expensive mostly than other servers

Also there are a lot of rogues so it is very hard to get geared, a decent amount of warriors too. I think the rarest class is mage with ranger second and then druid third.

Re: XFER- I am posting this on every world

The upsides that thal forgot to mention is that our rivalry on this world (Rhiannon) is pretty good. We don't have when we get out-locked people running adds on the other clan.

Here is a brief history of Rhiannon since I've been around.

There was 3 main clans. Argo, eve, and sin (if I remember correctly). After a while sin's chieftain never came back so InnerCircle was formed (IC). for a while nothing changed. After a while argo got tired of their name. They became supernova. Little while later supernova folded and went to outliers and preouts. Eve chief went inactive for a while due to wifi issues. A few of eve's full dl went to IC and later on the rest of active eve went to outs. Basically the history up to now.
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