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Re: Stop begging!

Notsofast wrote:Wow, your trying to use pity to make people like you? Pathetic bro, just flat out pathetic.

unfathomable load of stuff happens to everyones lives, but thats life. It's unfair, and no one can change that, just gotta keep your head up and live with it.

Trying to beg and squirm out of it is just one of the reasons people hate players like you.

bro so true :o and yea unfathomable happens to all of us. :!:
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Re: Stop begging!

Justinn wrote:
spynu wrote:tht so true he always does on game to pisses me of!! and read ur other post sad to see u go :(

dude, i dont even know you! proof u just lied.

U don't need to know him all that matters is that he knows you he may stalk you or be Observing you or whatever he's doing

Re: Stop begging!

idiot :lol: you cant get a job at 12. Unless youre selling chill pill on the street. Ya unfathomable happens. Your little " Pitty me" reply pissed me off. Ya so what? Your parents fight/ Personally i lost my older brother and mother less than a week ago. People are in Africa with NO FOOD OR WATER! I had my spiderbites ripped out. So pity you.
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