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Scammer on Rhiannon

Scammer on Rhiannon, rogue, he stole a lot of gear and all of Innercircle bank lixes and Dl drops
Be careful of him and don't buy the stolen gear that he has.
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Re: Scammer on Rhiannon

And btw he selling the gear for real life money to gain from the game. and he has scammed 4 of our members from all of their gear. People have trusted him but just betrayed everyone. i think OTM needs to step in we had lost a lot of our 3-4 years of work in just 1 hour because of this guy.
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Re: Scammer on Rhiannon

Here is just a few images to show what was lost... stolen... scammed...
9C7F6599-E771-44EB-AB80-CDDDA12D1F83.jpg (177.99 KiB) Viewed 1167 times
1BF2B65F-D61A-499C-A676-B872D6A0AC3B.jpg (179.15 KiB) Viewed 1167 times
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Re: Scammer on Rhiannon

We are looking into this issue further.

Due to the severity of this case it may take a few days.

Support will contact Innercircle chieftain regarding the outcome.
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