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Morrigan "No Griefing" proposal - to current and future clans

A couple weeks ago, I outlined a proposal to end griefing on the server to make raids be more of a friendly competition rather than an all-out clan wars that simply create a lot of hostility and drama.
Avalon has long been accused of playing unfairly or bullying clans to get bosses and as I've always maintained that Avalon would never strike first. Anything you've seen from us is a retaliation from griefing done on us.
However, I realized now that as long as there are no established guidelines, "griefing" will always be subjective and while many know exactly what they're doing to impede raids, some do so unintentionally.
I was hoping some agreement between current (and future) endgame clans would put a stop to raid griefing that essentially does nothing except ruin people's gameplay experience.

Unfortunately, after two weeks of negotiations with Seela, chieftain of Havoc, she has not agreed to my proposal. So that's basically a dead end. I don't care to guess why Havoc doesn't want to enter an agreement with us. I just hope it's not because it removes the chance to grief us at Gelebron. I am offering a solution here that is neutral and does not benefit any clan. Clans don't get to pick and choose what works for them or not. It's either you are okay with griefing or you are not.

I am now publishing what I sent Havoc, in hopes that everyone else in the server know what our stance is with griefing. and if you don't do it to us, we won't do it to you.

During a lock battle, all is fair game, there is no such thing as "griefing", but once a raid boss is locked, whichever clan doesn't win the lock steps aside to let other clan finish unimpeded, either by logging off or follow the basic guidelines below.

Any actions by the non-winning clan that may be construed as griefing, gives the other clan an opportunity to reset and a free attempt at the boss without going through another lock battle.
There may be some unintentional or accidental actions like disconnecting and logging back or logging in late in the middle of mobs, and we can let that slide as long as they clear out immediately.

If the non-winning clan wants to stay and watch and wait for the battle to finish, they must abide with the following rules:

- Hrungnir - no intentional poxing, and no dragging of adds.

- Mordris - move towards the sides of the cave or along the gold pile. No dragging of adds including the High Priestess or taunting Mordris to turn her around to kill people with her Dragonfire.

- Necro - move to the southern bridge, and not the northern bridge, as standing there aggros all the ghosts unnecessarily. Everyone must be out of AoE lifesteal range at the southern bridge. No running around to aggro undead mobs to drag them around.

- Proteus - clear out of the room or stay at the edges of the room. No dragging of adds or taunting Proteus to kill players of opposing clan. No killing of adds, if they are being held by an off tank.

- Gelebron - clear out of the room

- Snorri, Unox and other EDL bosses - no dragging of adds towards campers. If anyone wants to kill the surrounding mobs, do it far away from the boss' spawn point or where the campers are standing.

- Killing of campers or dragging mobs around bosses (current and future) that have the ability to do AoE damage, such as Troll Sentinels, High Priestess at Mordris, or skeletons and ghosts at Necro, including intentionally poxing campers at Hrungnir are also considerd griefing and is prohibited.

- The above rules apply to all future and other current bosses not specified. Specifics may vary, but the general rule is that once a raid boss is locked, the winning clan gets to attempt to finish without getting sabotaged by the opposing clan. If the boss rages and reset then, then it's open again for both clans to lock.

Since Avalon has not entered into any agreement with anyone, I can only say that this is what we will try to adhere to, but any clan that continually and habitually grief us, as outlined above, don't be surprised if you get some love in return.

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