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Morrigan - Server Restart / Login Testing

Heroes of Morrigan,

On Thursday 6th of April (11 - 12 BST / Probably later for US players) we will be deploying additional logging and tracking software in an effort to resolve current world login issues.

Morrigan will be restarted by our Programming Team multiple times across a time span of roughly 1 - 2 hours, there will be significant server slowdown during this time.

To ensure no premium consumable items are wasted, certain game bosses will be despawned during this time, server restarts will be frequent while we preform this testing.

Please request all players within your clan to log in during this testing, the more players attempting to connect to Morrigan the higher chance of replicating this issue.

Thank you.
Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

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