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For Sale List

For those of you who aren't in the Morrigan Marketplace, I'd like to post a complete copy of my For Sale list, detailing all items that I have for sale. It's pretty straightforward, pm or mail me in game or on Line if you're interested in anything.
Freezerburn, level 167(and counting) Mage


I got a lot to sell, feel free to haggle with me on items, and pm me for a price/screenie, or with an offer.
Read the whole thing, alphabetical order isnt good for showing sparkly fash with the normal.
If an item doesn't have a number beside it, there's only one of it.


Aqua Connacht x2
Auburn Connacht x3
Azure Connacht x3
Beryl Connacht x3
Black coven hat
Black duskcrow guise x3
Black highlander boots x2
Black highlander gloves x4
Black highlander hat x2
Black highlander legs x3
Blazing Connacht x5
Blue highlander legs x2
Blue pirate skullcap w/eyepatch
Crimson Connacht x3
Ensorcelled black skull mask
Ensorcelled red skull mask
Frostbreath black sacred auroral boots
Green ardmair legs
Green duskcrow guise
Green highlander gloves x1
Green highlander hat x1
Green highlander top x4
Green nature mask
Green nithseed guise
Green Party crown
Green Phoenix crest
Green sacred auroral hat x2
Green trapper cap
Green wolf mask
Green Yuletide helpers hat x5
Guilded Connacht charm
Orange darkrider gloves
Orange highlander boots x2
Orange highlander gloves x4
Orange highlander hat x4
Orange highlander legs x4
Orange highlander top x3
Orange party crown x28
Orange sacred watch hat
Orange sanghal wig
Orange garland x2
Orange Yuletide helpers hat
Particle black boots token
Pink archers hat
Pink armoured imp
Pink highlander boots
Pink highlander gloves
Pink highlander hat x3
Pink highlander legs x3
Pink highlander top
Pink party crown x18
Pink garland
Pink token boots
Pink yuletide helpers hat x3
Purple dress gloves
Purple dress shoes
Purple highlander boots
Purple highlander hat
Purple highlander gloves x2
Purple highlander legs x2
Purple highlander top x2
Purple smuggler mask
Purple suit
Purple summer garland
Purple token gloves
Purple token hat
Purple token legs
Red archers hat x3
Red highlander hat x6
Red highlander legs x4
Red highlander top x4
Red huntsman mask
Red nithseed guise x3
Red trapper
Red Yuletide helper hat x4
Regal Connacht
Rose Connacht x8
Russet red tower guard charm
Scintillating black highlander boots x3
Scintillating black highlander top
Scintillating green highlander boots x3
Scintillating green highlander top
Scintillating purple highlander boots
Scintillating purple highlander gloves
Scintillating white highlander boots
Shadowed Connacht
Spirited yellow duskcrow guise
Spirited turquoise duskcrow guise
Tor Caith Faerie charm
Turquoise Duskcrow guise
Turquoise highlander gloves x2
Turquoise highlander hat
Turquoise highlander legs
Turquoise highlander top x3
Turquoise nithseed guise
Turquoise sacred auroral boots
Turquoise sacred auroral top
Turquoise summer garland
Turquoise Yuletide helpers hat x2
White eagle crest
White highlander boots
White trappers cap
Wild Connacht
Yellow archers hat
Yellow gloves token
Yellow highlander boots x4
Yellow highlander gloves x6
Yellow highlander hat x4
Yellow highlander legs x3
Yellow party crown x10
Yellow sacred auroral boots
Yellow sacred auroral gloves
Yellow sacred auroral hat
Yellow sacred auroral legs
Yellow sacred auroral top
Yellow summer garland x3
Yellow trapper cap
Yellow Yuletide helpers hat x4
Yule reveller’s ice diadem (red)


Ancient plate BP
Ancient plate legs
Connacht vanq helm
Enforcers green mask
Lesser bear helm of the Burning Wastes (100 heat resist, 60 req)
Minor bear helm of the Cruel Claw (50 slash resist, 40 req)
Plate BP
Redclaw BP
Troubadors pink mask
Vanguards orange mask
Veterans blue mask
Woven silverleaf gloves
Woven silverleaf legs x2
Woven silverleaf robe


Ancient boar totem
Blue cloudburst rod
Blue winterstave
Brilliant flute
Celestial Dragonstaff
Dark Trident of Celerity
Faerie cane of Blizzards
of Fire x3
of Snow x3
Faerie knuckleblade of Storms
Godly banshee blade
Greater witch pitchfork
Green winterstave
Grimling’s dirk
Grimling’s staff x2
Imperial banshee blade
Langsax of Winter
Master's Grimoire
Master underseer’s staff
Minor blightwand of Dor Keln x3
Minor spirit totem of Dor Keln
Mystic banshee blade
Mystic blazewand of Dor Keln
Mystic blightwand of Dor Keln
Obsidian Cane
Onyx crusher
Orange candycane
Orange winterstave
Pink firestorm rod
Red candycane x2
Standard Phantomblade
Stave of bolts x2
Wintry Horn of Ice
Ymir's Sceptre (wand)

Miscelleneous items

Amulet of Cernunnos x3
Agate x16
Air tab of granite x2
Air tab of marble
Amber x6
Azure scent x8
Azure quill x22
Benediction of Morrigan x3
Black rem of earth x2
Black rem of metal
Black rem of rock
Bloodgrove codex x5
Bloodgrove deeds x10
Bloodgrove grimoire x14
Bloodgrove ink x5
Bloodgrove ritual x24
Bloodstone x10
Blue book bind x3
Blue book cover x7u
Blue hawk x2
Blue serpent
Blue rem of earth x2
Blue rem of stars
Captured Soul x10
Cargo cache x35
Clan Mathanach torc x14
Coded papers x25
Common met crystal
Corrupted fang x2
Corrupted oak apples x2
Corrupted unicorn horn
Crown disc x28
Crown of bone x2
Crumbling tablet
Damaged codex x3
Earth tab of basalt x2
Earth tab of granite
Earth tab of marble
Earth tab of Obsidian
Earth tab of slate x2
Echoes of Morrigan x4
Element of air
Element of earth x2
Element of fire
Element of water x4
Ember coal x12
Enchanted leaf x2
Fae Tali x56
Fire crystal x16
Fire tab of granite
Flaxen scent x8
Flaxen quill x16
Foci of Knowledge
Ginessa's brooch x4
Ginessa's codex
Ginessa's diary x9
Ginessa's pendant x8
Ginessa's plans x2
Ginessa's ring x4
Golden apple x2
Grand boneshard
Grand met crystal
Greater met crystal
Green hound
Green lion
Green stag
Green rem of metal
Green rem of rock
Green rem of space
Green rem of stars x3
Hallow weed x7
Harbinger blade x6
Hawk chest x3
Ice omen x6
Jasper x22
Kelpie horn x6
Lesser met crystal
Ley frag x2
Littany of Morrigan x2
Minor boneshard x7
Moon disc x127
Oak disc x56
Orb of Mystery x2
Pet token x9
Purple stag
Pyre coal x6
Pyre omen x28
Red book bind
Red book cover x4
Red bear x2
Red hound x2
Red rem of earth x7
Red rem of metal x2
Red rem of rock
Red rem of space x2
Red rem of stars x2
Ring casket x14
Rose scent x7
Rose quill x12
Rotten flesh x13
Scorched tinder x9
Scroll of the locus x7
Scroll of the nebulous
Scroll of the status x2
Sea chart
Spoils of battle x95
Stolen brooch x2
Stolen goblet x5
Stolen idol x1
Stolen ring x6
Stolen torc x3
Summoning stone x3
Sun disc x99
Tali of awakening x6
Tensile silk x4
Tigers eye x4
Verdant scent x10
Verdant quill x8
Warrant of Deceit
Water tab of marble x3
Water tab of slate x2
Wildsnout tail x4
Yanack stone


Abundant Aura
Bless x2
Conceal x2
Def Formation x3
Double shot
Energy Harvest x2
Explosive Arrow
Expose Weakness
Ice Att
Rescue x2
Riposte x3
Rupture x2
Sanctuary x2
Sharpen Weps x2
Smoke Bomb
Spring of Life
Stinging Swarm x4
Warcry x3
Ward of Giants
Ward of Soldiers x2


Crystal (+2) rings
Assassin ward

Fabled (+3/+75) rings

Abundant aura
Assassin Lure
Enduring guard x2
Freeze x2
Play dead
Storm touch x2
Ward of ice

Glass (+1) rings
Fire lure
Giant lure
Soldier lure
Howling wind
Smoke bomb
Giant ward

Grand (+4/+100)
Bless x5
Double att
Enduring guard
Rapid shot
Spring of Life
Ward of giants

Greater (+3) rings
Bless x5
Double att x4
Longshot x5
Sharpen weps
Shield Wall

Lesser (+2) rings
Double att
Expose weakness
Life steal
Sanctuary x2
Sharpen weps

Minor (+1) rings
Def form
Double att
Double shot
Energy Harvest
Expose weakness x4
Ice attunement
Life steal x3
Rupture x3
Sanctuary x2
SS x2
Sharpen weps x2
Shield wall x3
Stinging Swarm

Royal rings (+5/+150)
Bless x2
Double Att x2

Cronach's Stonebark Ring
Galar's Ironroot Ring
Grand Rift brace of Guile (50 dex/foc, 165 req)
Greater Silverweb Charm of Shrouding (mage ES/Cloak of Flame +4)
Greater Sunfire Charm of Pummel
Greater Sureshot Strand (ranger neck)
Hawn's Blood Opal Neck (mage +3 FS ammy)
Kron's Stormleaf Ring
Lesser ES Willow Ring (100 attack)
Lesser Rift brace of Brawn (20 str/vit, 150 req)
Lesser Rift brace of Guile (20 dex/foc, 150 req) x2
Lesser Rift brace of Toughness (20 dex/vit, 150 req)
Lesser Ring of the Citadel (armour ring)
Lesser Sunfire charm of QS (65 req, +50 dmg)
Lesser Sunfire Ring of Health
Lesser Sureshot Charm (ranger misc) x3
Lesser Sureshot Strand (ranger ammy)
Major Firefang ring (15 damage) Mallach's Shrivewood Charm
Mallach's Spiritseed Ring
Mighty Firefang ring (30 damage)
Minor Archer's Brace of Mesa
Minor Augur's Brace of Sierra x2
Minor Augur's Ring of Sierra x2
Minor Band of Rampart (armour ring) x3
Minor Blightcaster's Brace of Crag x2
Minor Blightcaster's Ring of Crag x2
Minor Guardian's Neck (warrior ammy) x2
Minor Hellfire Runestone (firemage misc)
Minor Hoarfrost Riviere (icemage ammy) x3
Minor Rift brace of Finesse (10 dex/str, 145 req)
Minor Silverweb Charm of Chitin (tank misc)
Minor Silverweb Charm of Might (warrior misc)
Minor Sureshot Charm (ranger misc)
Minor Sureshot Strand (ranger ammy) x4
Mystic Agrestral Augury (druid misc)
Mystic Agrestral Carcanet (druid ammy)
Mystic Halo of Stockade (armour ring)
Mystic Hoarfrost Riviere (icemage ammy) x4
Mystic Silverweb Charm of Chitin (tank misc)
Royal Alch Ring of Double Attack
Royal Alch Ring of Energy Harvest
Royal Alch Ring of Frostbite
Srak's Blood Gem Brace (ranger) x4
Srak's Blood Jewel Neck (rogue)
Srak's Blood Moonstone Brace (warr) x2
Srak's Blood Opal Band (firemage)
Srak's Blood Opal Neck (firemage) x2
Srak's Blood Ruby Neck (icemage)
Srak's Flaming Opal Band (firemage ring)


Ring of Life (10 hp regen, 100 req)
Tali of the Earth (30/30 regen, 150 hp/energy, 100 req)

(All lixes are hero)

50 invisibility pots
2000 restos
4000 idols
994 energy lixes
865 hp lixes
104 defense lixes
24 armour lixes
Enduring Flight of Focus
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Re: For Sale List

Major props to you for this very well put together list! Damn.
Level: 150 Warrior
World: Morrigan

Re: For Sale List

Secret wrote:Major props to you for this very well put together list! Damn.

Thanks, bro! Took about three hours to fully assemble, and I update it 3-4 times a week, adding and removing items as my inventory changes.

Re: For Sale List

Unhallowed necklace of poison, how much?
Elsroth - 220+ Mage - Clan Avalon

There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

Re: For Sale List

_elsroth wrote:Unhallowed necklace of poison, how much?

Recently received an offer of 2m cash, pm me if you'd like to offer more. Going to sell on Friday to the 2m buyer if nobody tops that offer.

Re: For Sale List

Freezerburn/Chrysaor wrote:
_elsroth wrote:Unhallowed necklace of poison, how much?

Recently received an offer of 2m cash, pm me if you'd like to offer more. Going to sell on Friday to the 2m buyer if nobody tops that offer.

Update: Buyer bought something else, I'm open to offers.

Re: For Sale List

Freezerburn/Chrysaor wrote:
Freezerburn/Chrysaor wrote:
_elsroth wrote:Unhallowed necklace of poison, how much?

Recently received an offer of 2m cash, pm me if you'd like to offer more. Going to sell on Friday to the 2m buyer if nobody tops that offer.

Update: Buyer bought something else, I'm open to offers.

New update, sold for 1.5m cash and 400k-ish in items

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