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Dear Krump

I dont know who you are exactly, although I can narrow you down to two or three people, and can definitely narrow you down to the clan you are in.

The above mentioned is an alt in castle who is selling DL drops, and claims to be a main in clan Havoc.

First of all, if you are stealing drops then selling them on an alt, it is common sense to not name the clan you are in, if you really are in that clan and intend to continue to steal drops.

Secondly, clan Havoc keeps track of every single drop, and our bank is accessed by only one person, our cheif. Not only that, but all members of Havoc understand that clan's needs supercede selfish needs, and in the long run will benefit more if those drops go for the purpose of the clan instead of one's self. That being the case, I can guarantee anyone that the alt in castle who sells DL drops and claims to be in Havoc, is in all certainty not a member of havoc, but I have good reason to say a member of a small new clan which has some people who hold grudges against Havoc, and some of these members were known in the past to steal and sell clan drops. Also considering the fact that this incident with the alt happened right after Havoc had taken an EDL boss from some members of this clan, who are obsessed with outwardly bashing and degrading clan Havoc.

I dont know what else is being done in attempts to try to destroy and give my clan a bad image to others, but it pisses me off that someone feels the need to destroy someone else's success because of their anger and hate.
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Re: Dear Krump

Legislative wrote:so youre saying Sacred clan sells DL drops?
All drops are banked to SirEric and also written down,
grudges.. welcome to a concurrence model between clans.,

Let vigilance be our sword

Wasn't my intention to create any hate towards any clan, no I do not think sacred sells drops as a clan, although I have reason to beleive that this alt selling drops was a member stealing drops from Sacred.

My point from this post was in defense of my clan, and directed to the people(s) who created that alt or whatever else. I made note of what clan I beleive the drops came from, and I would advise them to look into it, as I know that Havoc is not where the drops come from, and I dont think Avalon is where the drops come from. If someone was stealing drops from my clan, I would want to be notified about it.

To Sacred as a clan, I have very good reason to beleive that someone in your clan is stealing from you, and would advise you to look into it.

To the people who are selling the drops and trying to put a bad image on another clan, they should be banned until they learn to play maturely.

To anyone else, Havoc in no way or form sells DL drops.

It was not my intention at all to create hate towards Sacred. I have a real life friend in Sacred, and would not want to ruin his or his clan's reputation. Apologies to anyone who took it that way.

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