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Just Childish Bull

I haven't played a lot lately due to how horrible the game plays right now ALWAYS lagging and crashing on me so I haven't been on to catch up on what clans are fighting and what clans are not. To be honest I don't really care, but after so long of seeing post after post of bickering garbage it just gets old and I'm sure everyone will agree with me on that. The few times I get on a week I cant even play a relaxing game without hearing someone from one clan cussing out someone from another. Its old and tiring. GROW UP and get over all the garbage and bull. There's a block button for a reason. The next time someone says something to you drop it and forget it. Be the mature person and walk away. Your not 10 years old. Maybe even say your sorry. Whether that person cares or not it shows that you have the maturity. I'm not mentioning any clans but you all know what clans I'm talking about. If you don't like this post then keep it to yourself and DON'T comment. Whats ever worse is that most of you are adults or very close to being one. I'm just 15 and i can realize how childish this all is.

If anyone posts something rude or disrespectful id like to ask a mod or admin to remove that post. Thanks
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