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Haters gonna hate no haters gonna hate


Please close your mouth about avalon, im not making this post to defend them, but Aileron is the only one with facts whats ive seen so far, you guys wanna break ava diwn because they rude? Well they arent rude you guys gonna hate because they are just better in gear and in man power.

So just work as a team as ava does and try to compete on the same level or just gonna hate and shut your mouth please because this ava 'disprespect' 'bullies' crap needs to stop because it aint true

Your Fruitcake Luuk :DDDDD

Re: Haters gonna hate no haters gonna hate

Luuk no offense but you are boot licking,as you always do, but i appreciate your effort on stopping mindless crap
Btw bootlicking is aka butt kissing,stop that, they are high levels not gods
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Re: Haters gonna hate no haters gonna hate

^lmao so true lolz :lol: now Now luuk keep calling me ACH the Kak Idgaf, I'd rather be a kak than an ass licker, a sucker, a swallower, a spiter and etc... :lol:
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Re: Haters gonna hate no haters gonna hate

17yangst im not a butt licker and i know what it is i play games.... I just wanna help friends out you never heard me say high lvls are gods or anything about thay crap, so yeah i just said this crap abouf ava needs fo sfop because as far as i know it aint true.

As far for achillezx (or how you apell if), you can back out with you fake lies i never call you a kak look at my name its Fruitcake what do i always say? Fruitcake! So yeah sfop being so innocent because i rather be that then that *ugh ugh* ***, im almost positive more ppl like me then you so yeah,

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