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Re: Clans I Have Been In.....

My first clan was pre U2 in Alliance, good times. I can still find my name on the "official Alliance thread" /clan members list topic, one of the first on the Morrigan forums (viewtopic.php?nomobile=1&f=18&t=285). My iPhone broke the day U3 came out (I was so gutted) so I didn't get to experience what new dawn was like. But I know Magika (Alliance chief) was barely ever on so it makes sense.

When I came back 4 or so months later I joined GodlyPHOENIX, with Emilus and Warrior12 etc. The list goes on from there, with some clans I am not proud to name, i.e. Golgatha, despite not being in there for an extensive amount of time. Eclipse, can never forget that. AdAstra for a good stretch. MarathDamane for a long time, and TarmonGaidon for a little after that. And in the current era we have EVO, with plenty of good members to get along with. Life story over 8-)
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Re: Clans I Have Been In.....

Really interesting to read guys replies. I always wondered who had been chief of NewDawn (it was before I played the game but people have talked well of it to me). I never realised it was Josh's clan (I love the name of it). Nor did I know that in the very early days there was a clan called Alliance which at that time was the most powerful on Morrigan. I imagined Avalon had started out from the very beginning. When I asked players, no one was sure and I never liked to ask an AV player cos they might have felt I was snooping. There is absolutely no way I will ever be so mean spirited as to deny Aileron what is so obviously a huge achievement. I never even new about the no Gens in AV thing until this year! It struck me as brilliant because in clan after clan I have been in there has always been this big officer/clan divide and in some clans it so easily causes corruption and resentment (a fatal mix). I was talking with a very experienced player in the clan I am in now and as she wisely pointed out, in the old Morrigan clans too many who became officers were 'pals' of the chief (irrespective of whether they were suited to hold rank). The best officers I ever saw were the ones who understood it is about doing more work, not less!

Great to hear about MurderInc from a guy who is in it along with this wife. Have seen you guys in action and you seem very organised and focused. I have a lot of rems, oak discs etc from farming drops so if your clan needs them let me know (I will gladly donate them).

As to Evo and dear Ito, Chaos is right, he had to leave game. He and his wife have just suffered a truly terrible tragedy and in circumstances like that it would be impossible to cope with all the silly, niggly things that Chiefs have to put up with when they have lots of players under their care. Even if there weren't things like that, when deep sorrow strikes in real life a game is the last place you want to be in. So please don't think Ito just abandoned his clan. He is a lovely man and I can't think anyone who knows him would say different. Troy The Great is a very hard working and fair Evo leader so am sure he will give it his all to keep clan going.

Re: Clans I Have Been In.....

Ooh boy i been in many clan i think

My first clan ever was my own clan me and my friends started like 2 weeks CH and disccusded about the name and i would be the leader because i had the banner it was InfintyGlory well it lasted like 2 days everboyd wanted be a general or guard after that i join a noob clan i think, and some other small clans.

Then i lvled like mad and went lvl 60 i think and did join GoldyPhoenix then they fell aport joined MartarthDamane then it went to TarmoirGuardan.
I joined MultimInPavro runned by kilt and AdAstra runned by zap zap idk where tho place those 2 clans because cant remember.

Then xzax days came and zap came back then i joined Eterinty and few weeks Triquatra. Then Luukalon came and the chief was soo cool but havoc stole our member (yeah only 1) and so i went to havoc :D and im in now and its going great.

Kinda funny i always hear on forums those new dawn clan but never seen it or alliance so yeah little cool to know those veterans from back then still playing now.

As to Golgatha and Ecplise i never wanted to join Eclipse but Golg oh boy not 1 of my friends were in it but i was at the time a semi good druid outside ava (ofc not the best), but they just didnt want me :D

Re: Clans I Have Been In.....

Alliance(for a few days)
Underworld (I made clan for myself in Nov 2011)
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Re: Clans I Have Been In.....

My first clan was when i first traveled to shalemont as a level 20ish. It was the immortal clan. After that i grew clanless for a long time. Joined golgatha because they had some high levels and my father was in the clan and because avalon had a recruitment and level req and i was still so new. That was during stonevale days . After that clan showed its true colors i left until the OW was introduced and i joined deathly touch and that by far was my most favorite clan besides avalon. My father and friends in avalon began pushing me to level up and apply so i pushed to 130 and applied to avalon. Got in and been there ever since.
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Re: Clans I Have Been In.....

FruitcakeLuuk wrote:Ooh boy i been in many clan i think

My first clan ever was my own clan me and my friends started like 2 weeks CH and disccusded about the name and i would be the leader because i had the banner it was InfintyGlory well it lasted like 2 days everboyd wanted be a general or guard :D

Luuky I roared at you saying how every one in that clan wanted to be a Gen or Guard. That is exactly my experience of nooby clans. I don't know if the motive is vanity, greed for drops or power over others....maybe all three. What ever it is I soon realised how mis-used the whole officer thing becomes in some clans.

As you are a bit confused, Taimon was BEFORE Marath and AdAstra existed before Kilt's Pav clan. Kilt was a very loyal Marath guy but when it broke up he started Pav with Neo starting another clan. I merged AdAstra to his clan cos I knew I needed to leave game soon.

Players like Pdizz and his Dad exemplify the best in game, those who never cause trouble or make enemies and no one has a bad word to say of them. One AV said to me recently how they wish they were like Marshall who is always so calm and never gets involved in any unfathomable. It was a very good point. I thought Toastie was brave to make his farewell Post on this forum. I sure as hell wouldn't because I have managed to make a lot of enemies in this game. When I leave this game for good I will say goodbye to certain players privately, not on this forum! I might be daft but I'm not completely stupid.

Re: Clans I Have Been In.....

Here is my noobie story, I started playing Celtic Heroes the first july 2013, the last months of my summer holiday!
I created Cysero when carrow existed already, and joined many low level clan that I can't remember names, but I was in Dubstep, remember that one wich it's cool. Them when I started understanding the game, I moved to Demonstar, a great clan where I grow up with many cool friends: Steapa, DevilDisciple, Bluestarr, Unstop, Firegavin and many others. I remember when I raced Bluestarr to level 130! I don't remember who won but I'm sure it was her, hehe.
After this, Demonstar started falling apart, and got scammed massively my gear.. So I chosed to give my account to my brother, who kinda ruined my reputation lol. He left Demonstar and joined ZombieArmy till I don't know wich level, he join Eternity. Then he left for Demonstar, then he left Triquetra, and finnaly I came to game, and saw myself clanless, well in " Cysero " clan.
After this, Kestrel asked me to help her to make stronger her clan, I helped her till Ito proposed me to help him with Evolution. Those two great clans made me happy!
I tried after this to apply to Triquetra, but Toastie said that I wasn't trusworthy. Yes, he is right, my reputation wasn't that good and I was a clanhopper ( I regret many times to have took a break from game, and gave account to my brother, should have ridden terms and condition lol ).
After some weeks, Seela proposed me to make a clan and help her with DragonLord armor, I accepted because it was an opportunity for me to continue my DragonLord armor quests.
This is my experience in that magical game!

( Hope you guys understand, my grammer made me laught, but I'm sad I can't correct :sad: )

Re: Clans I Have Been In.....

I started the game and went to shalemont following the quests, this was back in mid U3 and i was level 38 or so and was invited to join phoenix rising. I joined of course and it was good times, i talked to Juliet a bit and grew very very close to Sceylare.

After i left phoenix rising i joined dubstep. (Cant even remember why i left phoenix rising, probably because of something stupid) Ito was a general i think at this time level 80 or so and Jamison was a great chief, we all had fun! Great times. Great times.

I then left dubstep and joined adastra because they were a great clan and were thriving at the minute. Once i was recruited at level 70 (10 levels below the level req. at the time) I got my dad to join too. We both played and got along with the whole clan. We were killing all kinds of bosses and this was my first experience at killing bosses on a somewhat large scale. I got my warden armor from this clan.

I then joined xZombieArmyx because zapper had quit the game and taken a break. (He is now back) I didnt want to leave adastra and xZombieArmyx was a great clan at the time very powerful in numbers and skill. So i joined them. I liked the clan and got my meteoric from here. I then took a 7 or 8 month break (July-February). When i came back it was due to my friend gabe at school asking about this game. He said hey sean what was that game you used to play. At this time me and gabe never talked and i wouldnt even consider him my friend really. Then we started sitting next to each other in class and talking every day about celtic heroes. Now, we talk everyday and hang out all the time! Its amazing what one game can do to bring people together.

So i then was kicked from xZombieArmyx because i was on my staff at a boss that i couldnt really help at as it was a way higher level then me. Also i was being questioned as to whos alt i was because no one remembered me and i didnt know kes. So i joined tokugawa and had fun and me and suii talked a lot. I was in here with gabe and we enjoyed it! Then i joined Demonstar with gabe and i enjoyed every minute of it. Hands down the most fun clan i have been in because i knew what i was doing at this time unlike in adastra or phoenix rising. Seemed like the crew was me bd lew and blood. I grew insanely close to this group of people. Now none of these 3 play anymore atleast not on morrigan. I remember killing the 6 star spider with me blood lew and larch. (Larch is gabes brother so im close to him in real life as well) we failed the first time as it raged. But bolas kill was our plan. So we rebirthed and alted to make some changes and boom killed it before it raged the next time! We were so happy. I'll never forget the times i had in demonstar. I received my frozen here but i had bought it not gotten from the clan.

I then left demonstar because blood devil and krystle had been gone for a while now.(devil and krystle 2 months or so and blood 4 weeks or so) This clan was inactive and turned over to bd and he did a great job but without the real leaders the clan just died. I then joined ZombieArmy and i had a great time in there and arro was a great chief. We killed major dl bosses attempted aggys and got 150 kills what more can you ask for? (Other than a necro/mordy/hrung kill :p) My time in this clan was well served i helped whenever i could and made many friends which i am still close to today. I received dl boots and gloves in this clan. Than you guys so much you wouldnt believe how happy i was. Matter of fact, when i first got them i took all my clothes off except dl gloves and ran around carrow encampment.

I left ZombieArmy because i wanted to be with my dad in triquetra and zombie army had lost a few players and wasnt booming per se anymore. I was accepted to triquetra and i really loved my time here. I actually miss this clan. I loved the people here and I felt that triquetra was making a great run at avas position. But my dad left triquetra for avalon and he now resides there. Triquetra was the best of times and the worst of times.

I am now in demonstar again. I am out of triquetra for reasons that aren't going to be talked about anymore. That discussion and drama is long gone i hope. I am sitting in demonstar leveling as hard as i can at the minute so that i can hopefully apply and get accepted to avalon. I play this game to play with my dad and avalon has been a goal since level 20 or so when i first seen an ava member. I need about 25 levels and i will apply. As for demonstar right now, i cant say much because we dont really do much haha. We mostly just chat and do our own things. Devil is the only really active of him blood and krystle. Pac is a good friend of mine and hinta as well. I enjoy their company in the clan and me and pac actually talk a lot and anytime were both on you can find us in the carrowmore tunnels in one of the caves leveling.

Well this is a story of the clans i have been in not too in depth as there was a lot more to add. But this is a brief little biography of my time in clans on celtic heroes. I hope you all enjoy!! :)

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